More Than One Million Voters Have Switched to The Republican Party in The Last Year: The Red Wave Is Real!

The American people are economically hurting because of the Marxist policies of China Joe Biden and his Marxist cronies. As is obviously known this started early by Biden destroying America’s oil industry by stopping the Keystone pipeline which turned off the future flow of oil from the pipeline and stopped drilling on federal land and offshore. President Trump had America on energy independence because of his energy policies and now Biden has to travel to our enemies around the world and beg them for oil and in the meantime Biden and his Marxist cronies are advising the American people to buy electric cars because they want to kill the fossil industry. Can you just imagine a summer energy blackout and you have an electric car and being able to afford one is a subject in itself.  

The following was posted by Mark Moore, published by The New York Post: “More than a million voters have shifted to the Republican Party over the past year, including tens of thousands of swing voters — with some declaring they can no longer support the Democratic Party’s policies, according to a report Monday.”

“The move to the GOP is occurring in every part of the country, in Democratic and Republican states and cities since President Biden defeated former President Donald Trump, an analysis of voter registration data by the Associated Press found.”

Food prices going up, food shortages, running out of baby formular, inflation has set in, crime out of control, ​interest rates going up to curtail inflation, the Marxists are attempting to brainwash our kids in the school systems and the parents are being classified as domestic terrorists in our school systems because they don’t like the Marxist agenda, an embarrassing pull out from Afganistan, America losing respect around the world, and this is just to name a few. America is starting to look like a third world country and what is the radical, Marxist, Democrati Party concerned with? A phony January 6 hearing with no cross examinations that looks like old style Soviet Union just to make sure Trump does not run for President in 2024, if they think they are going to stop President Donald Trump they have another thing coming, people are starting to realize the America President Trump left us and they want that America back. 

My Answer To Obama’s State Of The Union Address

President Obama has declared that the state of the union is sound. I just don’t know what country he was talking about. The unemployment rate is still somewhere around 8%. He has increased taxes on the rich, or however which way he defines the word rich, and now he has proposed closing loopholes on the rich which is really another tax increase. He is suppressing the ability of the small business person to be able to hire. The small business person cannot afford more taxes and more regulations. This is socialism at its worst. The people that are out of jobs will continue to be out of jobs because the small business person will not hire as long as these conditions persist. Obama says to put responsibility ahead of party, yet he is the one that is strangling the economy. Under Obama Care the average care premiums has risen 24%. Employers will pay the fine of not giving their employees insurance rather than paying for insurance premiums they cannot afford. They will also lay off to make sure they keep their employees under the count of 50 people, which again means they will not hire to make sure it doesn’t reach 50. On top of this he wants to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour. You don’t do these things when the economy is in a free fall. Obama is out to hurt this country, you people who don’t believe this will witness an economic crash so big before you believe it, and then we will have to start over again, won’t we?

Obama is in deep in this clean energy. Let me tell you something. China and India are now getting into their industrial revolution. Do you really think they are going to worry about clean energy? They are going to use their oil at it’s fullest. Sure they might talk the talk for political correctness, but they won’t walk the walk. So you have two of the most populated countries in the world who will use their oil, and you have the US holding back mass production and not being able to hire because regulations on clean energy are just to expansive to handle.

Lets talk about wind energy. Many believe that wind energy is less expensive than other types of power generation. However, in the United States the cost per kilowatt hour is similar to coal and natural gas.

Wind turbines do not pollute the environment, but they are manufactured with steel, concrete and aluminum, which are created using fossil fuels that also help run the manufacturing plants.

It is difficult to calculate the actual output a wind turbine or wind farm will generate. That’s because wind speed and the occurrence of wind is not consistent.

SOLAR- One of the major disadvantages of solar energy occurs during the conversion to the technology. The initial investment in solar energy equipment can carry a hefty price tag.

New solar power installations take up quite a bit of space. Those living in an urban environment or an apartment building, finding the space to install a solar-energy system, which includes not only solar panels, but large batteries as well, will be a problem.

Solar energy systems face problems in places where it rains often or there is heavy pollution. One reason for this is that, under these conditions, the solar cells are less likely to receive direct sunlight.

ELECTRIC CARS- People just don’t want them. GM has now all but admitted that the Chevy Volt- the car on which the company says it pinned all its hopes and dreams is dead.
(Reuters)- Are electric cars running out of juice again?

Recent moves by Japan’s two largest automakers suggest that the electric car, after more than 100 years of development and several brief revivals, still is not ready for prime time- and may never be.

We have in our country a God given resource, which is oil. An abundance of oil. Obama did not mention the fact that offshore leases for oil drilling have declined 61% under his administration. Obama did not mention that if the keystone Pipeline was allowed to be built, it would create tens of thousands of jobs.

Guns I wrote about titled “Mental Health And Guns- A Common Sense Discussion”
Afghanistan I wrote about titled “Afghanistan: A Vietnam Phenomenon”

A State of a Union should be just what it means, the State of the Union. Not to put different classes of Americans against another. The rich versus the poor, the employer versus the employee, gun control versus the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Trying to justify not using our number one resource, oil, the resource that has made America the leader of the world. I have said many times and I will say many more times that Obama is out to hurt our country. You cannot convince me that a person as educated as he is does not know any better. My biggest wish is for the American people to realize this before I can say I told you so. The next time when it can be shown is the Congressional election of 2014. Wherever you smell a Marxist you vote that person out.