Huge News! Hillary Clinton Will Have To Give A Verbal Deposition Over Her Private Server And Email Scandal.

I am sure Hillary has been in cocky mode thinking her email scandal was behind her the way she has been running her mouth.This was one of the biggest scandals in American history I would say except for the FISA phony dossier scandal that tried to take down President Trump. In Hillarys case it was a matter of deleting 33,000 emails to make sure she would become the Democratic Parties candidate in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Hillary better not take any celebration laps yet but on the other hand I guarantee you she already has.

The following was posted by Jarrett Staff, published by Gregg Jarrett: ” It’s not over yet, Hillary. The Clintons have become accustomed to the mainstream media and bureaucracies forgiving their misdoings. Not this time. Judicial Watch, the conservative activist group issued a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the United States District Court for D.C. regarding Clinton’s emails while she was Secretary of State.”

“Thus far, Mrs. Clinton has skated through the serious issue that she used her personal email account surely compromised national security. She did not even face consequences while running for the President of the United States. Democrats were more than thrilled to put corrupt Clinton in the White House over Donald Trump.”

“Revenge is sweet, particularly when a Clinton has evaded consequences for far too long. The Federal court ruled today that the former Secretary of State must “sit for a deposition where she will be questioned on matters relating to her use of a private server during her time at the State Department” reports Fox News.”

“Ultimately, the Court “GRANTS Judicial Watch’s request to depose Secretary Clinton on matters concerning her reasons for using a private server and her understanding of State’s records management obligations” Judge Lamberth declared.”

Hillarys wings must be chopped off because there were just too many criminal acts leading up to the 2016 Presidential campaign to make sure Hillary became the candidate of her party and when she lost the deep state had a “B” plan to take down our President and I will expose every news report that comes out that furthers the cause that these people from Marxis Obama on down pay for their criminal acts. All these acts were pre planned,it just did not happen that one fine day these traitors came up with a plan.

Once again we must thank Judicial Watch for keeping the ball rolling. They know that laws have been broken and if we dont bring these deep state traitors to justice there will be millions of Americans who will never have faith in American Justice again. These people who made sure that Hillary got the nomination and later to try to take down President Trump are still walking around as though none of this ever happened, well We The People know better and so does Lady Justice who is complaining that its taking too long to send them to prison. We must not disappoint Lady Justice otherwise we will always be labeled a banana republic. This must not be allowed to happen and I have faith that justice is coming and with the present people Trump has put in place in the DOJ I feel its happening. So Hillary you better take more visits to the woods you love to go to because down the road the only woods you will be visiting will be just in your imagination.


Rep. Darrell Issa Is Stressing The Fact That The FBI Will Have No Choice But To Recommend Indictment For Hillary Clinton

The popular consensus has been from my readers and posts that I have read is that the Justice Dept. no matter what criminal evidence they will have on Hillary Clinton the Justice Dept. will just sweep it under the carpet and I am sticking to my guns with the thought that Hillary has really screwed up this time, it will not be justified for the FBI, Justice Dept., or whatever other agency to close their eyes to this criminality.

The following was posted by Todd Beamond, published by Newsmax: “Rep. Darrell Issa said Wednesday that FBI Director James Comey has “no choice” but to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.”

“The director is somebody who cares a great deal about national security — and with the body of evidence, he really has no choice but to refer this for indictment,” Issa, the California Republican and former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told Fox Business host Trish Regan.”

“She made a choice to receive and retransmit documents that should have been classified when they came to her and later been classified.”

If the Justice Dept. even dares not to take the FBI’s advise the story will not end there. First of all there will be a revolution of sorts in the FBI, there will be constant leaks to We The People almost on a daily basis. It is assumed that the main stream media will allow this to go silent, unlike the time they teared into President Nixon and the impartial Congress at the time to cause him to resign. It seems to me that this socialist media of today want her to get away with this, putting our national security on the line by using an unsecured personal server. There is no reason whatsoever that Hillary had to use a personal server other than the fact of devious reasons such as getting rid of information at will that would incriminate her such as for instance Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation. What stands in the way of Hillary getting away with this if the Obama Justice Dept. does not follow through is We The People. If the FBI leaks this stuff out to We The People it will be the end of Hillary Clinton’s thinking that she will get away with yet another scandal. I will say to Hillary, not this time Hillary, you blew it big time.

The First Democrat Presidential Debate The Five Socialist Candidates Explained To We The People How They Would Bankrupt The United States

If you wanted to see socialism at it’s best and a professional liar in the person of Hillary Clinton there they were, on stage that resembled something of a freak show. Here you had Bernie Sanders on the heals of Hillary in New Hampshire and Iowa and what does he do he throws away his ace card by telling the audience that he feels that most Americans are sick of the Hillary email scandals and the country should move on too more important matters and naturally upon hearing that Hillary thanked Sanders profusely and commenced her famous witch laugh. Hillary herself said in one spot that she didn’t want to talk about her emails considering again using the same theme as Sanders there are so many more important matters she can devout her time too for the American people. Let me remind Hillary and Sanders about the fact they were playing to a liberal left-wing audience and maybe they don’t want to hear of the criminal actions of Hillary as to how she handled her emails and private server but the latest poll numbers show that over 60% of the American people want the investigation into Hillary’s emails to continue. So naturally another reason that Hillary is keeping tight lipped on her emails is because of the fact the constant drip, drip, drip of emails have not stopped coming out yet and there’s no telling what is still in those unread emails. She’s the one who knows what’s there and all she can do is pray that there are no surprises.

We all know, us people who study the economy, America is carrying an unsustainable debt. I believe that it’s somewhere around $17 trillion and it’s been said by many that if it reaches $22 trillion there will be an economic crash. This rising debt is killing our economy and worst of all it is keeping our military from being not only a world power but it’s becoming weak where countries such as Russia no longer take our military serious and of course you know what that does for We The Peoples protection. So where I am naturally going with this is that there is no longer any room for free stuff, but every time the liberals propose something it’s something free to get votes and it has come to a head that it is out of the picture, unaffordable.

Keeping this in mind I will make a list of freebies that came out of the debate:

1. In-State Tuition for illegals

2. Paid family leave

3. Health care for children

4. Public College

5. Childhood Education

6. Higher Minimum Wage

7. Obama Care Subsides for Illegals

8. Expanded Social Security

9. Health Care

10. Expanded Medicare For All Americans

11. Prescription Drugs

Many times with my discussion with people the question comes up as to the fact these are educated people who are throwing these freebies around as though there is no tomorrow and our economy not having the money to pay for them so what is their point? The point my friends is this. As we can see socialism is finally coming out of the closet, you see we have a declared socialist candidate for president in Bernie Sanders, just ten years ago it would have been unheard of that a socialist would run for president. You have Obama who’s a socialist who acts like he’s still in the closet but he’s not fooling anyone anymore. The point is that these socialist’s throw all these freebies around to get the vote and before you know it you have a socialist society but this helping the people is a con because once a county turns to socialism a ruling class is established and that is called Marxism. This is what these socialists are doing to our country, it’s a slow process but eventually they want to be the ruling class, in other words full control over We The People. This is why we must not put another liberal (socialist) in the presidency. The United States of America cannot endure economically or militarily another socialist for the survival of America. The people of the radical 60’s such as Obama, Kerry, Holder, Hillary, Jarrett have infiltrated our government. What they couldn’t do in the streets back in the 60’s they are attempting to do it within our government. We The People must stop this now, there is a revolution going on right now in the House of Representatives, that’s why the Republicans are looking for the right speaker. What we need now is a conservative for president to make sure this Marxist cancer stops in it’s track.

I have my conservative candidate but I will support any conservative that wins the primaries, lets not get hung up on my person didn’t win. We The People must win the big prize, a conservative president in the White House and let’s not get hung up he or she is not conservative enough. We need to take our country back.