Obama Is Still Dishonest With We The People On Obama Care

Today Obama addressed reporters in the White House briefing room. I believe he has become a victim of believing his own lies or he is completely delusional and I don’t know which one is worst. What is saving him from his own lies is the fact the major news networks are not reporting what is really going on with Obama Care. They will protect their king at all costs.

Obama is calling Obama Care a success and is making fun of Republicans of the fact that they are continuous harping in on Obama Care and is even telling his follow Democrats to go around the country and be proud and talk about Obama Care. I say go ahead, make my day.

So Obama doesn’t think the Republicans should talk of the fact that he promised the American people that under Obama Care which by the way this is the lie of the year, that if you like your plan you can keep your plan which turned out to be false because insurance companies could not match the requirements wanted of them because of the cost it would have required them to do so.

So Obama doesn’t think the Republicans should talk of the fact that he promised you can keep your doctor. If you are cut from your employer based plan your chances are very good you will not have your doctor. This is one main reason that Obama extended the employer mandate till after the November elections in hope that most Americans will not find this out till after the elections.

So Obama doesn’t think the Republicans should talk of the fact that he promised premiums would come down $2500 per family. Not only has it not come down $2500 a family but its premiums have gone the other way, up double or triple.

So Obama doesn’t think the Republicans should talk of the fact that he promised Obama Care won’t add one dime to our deficits, but it does. The GAO projected Obama Care will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion.

So Obama doesn’t think the Republicans should talk of the fact that he promised the price tag for Obama Care would be around $900 billion over ten years whereas now it’s approaching $2 trillion and still climbing.

So Obama doesn’t think the Republicans should talk of the fact that he promised the web-site would be simple and user friendly whereas it has been the opposite.

The mistake that Obama is making is if he thinks he and any Democrat can brain storm the country bragging about Obama Care is that the American people will experience real life horror stories from this catastrophe called Obama Care and Obama continues to lie by telling us when he met with reporters that 8 million people have signed up but of the 8 million he won’t tell us how many of those people had insurance before and were dropped; he won’t tell us how many people have actually paid, in other words Obama is still lying to us the people.

Obama Is Running A Victory Lap On Obama Care Except It’s All Phony

This president either has lost his mind, become delusional or just doesn’t get it over his insistence that Obama Care is working. After the numbers came out that Obama Care had reached 7 million sign ups at the March 31st deadline, the very next day Obama goes before the TV cameras and claims all kinds of victory for this disease called Obama Care. At first I thought it was an April fools joke considering it was April 1st but he just kept on rattling off to all sorts of lies and distortions. Obama and his cronies could never give us any numbers but at the last day they knew that it has 7 million sign-ups and that’s with the site even breaking down for seven hours. Give me a break.

Obama was very cocky as though this is it. “I Won.” He naturally was making fun of all the distractors of Obama Care as though we just sit around and soak in all of Obama’s lies. I have read a lot and have written a lot on this tragic Affordable Health Care bill called Obama Care. This is where my common sense tells me Obama is making a very big mistake for number one, not starting this health care bill over again when he had the chance and number two, I feel it’s going to come back and bite him the way he is constantly lying as to how this plan is helping so many Americans.

Obama can lie all he wants but he forgets the American people are going through some very rough times because of Obama Care. Does he think people have actually forgotten about losing their doctors, about losing their policy’s, about premiums were never suppose to go over $2500, that deductibles are now $5000 or over. Does Obama really think the American people can care less that there have been 7 million people signing up which is a lie anyway. The people don’t care about sign ups, they think of that for other people. What concern the American people is what’s applicable to them. The items that I have mentioned above to each individual self, that’s what the American people are interested in. What concern’s themselves and their family’s.

As I have mentioned before the whole purpose of Obama Care was to have everyone insured. Now we are finding out that after this is all over there will still be around 45 million people uninsured. So Obama disrupted the whole economy of the United States and put people on edge all for nothing. The main objective was not reached and it will never be reached.

So let’s look at this 7 million sign up figure one last time. Obama and his cronies are lying about what this number represents. You know as well as I do you don’t have an insurance policy until it’s paid. Out of this 7 million they are not telling us how many did in fact pay or given a payment. There are to date and there will be many millions more when the extension of the employer mandate runs out of about 6 million people who have lost their insurance polices. Obama is not telling us out of the 6 million people to date who have lost their polices how many of them are signed up in this 7 million number that Obama is bragging about. They have the means to spy on the American people but they can’t give us simple numbers, why? because they don’t want to. In other words this number might just be an off set.

There is all so much more to write about. Obama made a crack about death panels; believe me there will be death panels. If you are over a certain age take a pain pill and hope for the best. The biggest mistake Obama did was put the whole weight of Obama Care on the backs of the young people by hoping that there would be enough of them signing up to pay for the sick. They were expecting about 42% and all they are getting to date is about 25% which means Obama Care cannot be paid for. What a stupid error in judgment and a catastrophe.

Obama Care was not done for the American people. A socialist like Obama does it for control; the IRS to be the collector of this health plan and knowing everything about you and I via our health records. We are losing our country to socialism. It must be stopped on it’s tracks. On to November, we will take our country back!

Obama Is Finally Being Sued

So many times in recent posts when I was writing about the Affordable Care Act I mentioned of the fact that the United States Supreme Court passed this law under one identity, one complete package. The Justices in my opinion did not pass this law with the intent that out Dictator-In Chief Obama would treat the law any which way he wanted. To date Obama has made 29 changes to Obama Care, changing it to his discretion. He is constantly doing this without sending it back to Congress considering they are the ones who put it into law and they are the ones who should make the changes. Every time Obama makes a change to the law without the consent of Congress common sense dictates that he is breaking the laws of the United States Constitution. I believe Obama has gone over the edge. He wants to see this law succeed so bad that he is breaking laws to make it so and avoid Congress in the process.

In the meantime the Congress via punch-drunk Harry Reid in the Senate have allowed him to continue to do this. Reid has given up any kind of integrity the Senate once might have had to allow a president such as Obama to over step his bounds.

Along comes Larry Kawa. Kawa is an orthodontist from Boca Raton, Florida who has had enough of Obama’s shenanigans. A year ago, Kawa spent 100 hours learning all about Obama Care and how it impacted his practice since he employs more than 50 people. At an expense of $5,000 in legal fees to his attorneys, he made sure he was in total compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Obama as mentioned above decided to move back the employer mandate. Then he did it again and again. In the meantime as mentioned above Kawa has gone through much expense to implement his responsibility in this law and Obama keeps on changing the dates.

With the help of Judicial Watch, Kawa has filed suit in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals claiming that Obama’s changes to the law are unconstitutional and should be nullified by the court. This case could affect all 29 of Obama’s changes to Obama care. If the Judge gives Kawa “standing” the case will move up. “Standing” means that Kawa has to prove that there has been damage or injury caused to himself or in this case being his company. He can prove it by the money he has spent and 100 man hours he has spent with attorneys to learn the law and implement it to his company.

If the judge rules in Kawa’s favor that would mean that the hold put on all businesses with over 50 employees would be nullified. All the changes that were made to Obama Care would be void. It would have to go back to Congress and Congress would have to change the law and perfect it to as not hurt the millions of people that have been hurt by it. Mostly it will stop Obama from being Dictator-In Chief and it would show any future president not to mess with The United States Constitution.

US Senate Is Allowing Obama To Be Dictator

The House of Representatives would impeach Obama in a flash. It is the US Senate that is allowing Obama to put in places changes to Obama Care at free will. Why do I say the US Senate? Well! Do you see them moving to stop all these changes that Obama is doing on his own? I only see a hand full of Senators objecting and they are Conservatives. I feel like I’m sure millions of other Americans feel that I am living in a corrupt country.

Obama has put another years delay on the implementation of the employer mandate. He is doing this to make sure that its way past the midterm elections. As before, employers with less than 50 employees will not be required to provide health coverage. So what we are saying here is that businesses with 50 people or less will not be expanding any time soon. Why would they?, That would be a crazy move on their part to absorb that kind of an expanse on their business. So much for expanding the economy.

How many times have we heard that employers would lay off or put employees on part time so as not to bear the expanse of Obama Care. In an attempt to avoid this the Treasury dept. has come up with a formula that will put even more strain on business. Businesses will be told to “certify” that they are not laying off full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate. Officials said employers will be told to sign a “self- attestation” on their tax form affirming this, under penalty of perjury. So what are these Gestapo’s saying? That if my business will go bankrupt if I don’t lay off some workers which the cause of this will be the effects of Obama Care I will not be allowed to lay off these workers without the threat that I will perjure myself? You have to be kidding me. Where is the outcry from the Congress to save our capitalistic system from this dictator who is just doing as he pleases. I never thought I would ever say this but I think it is now the time for the Supreme Court on their own to jump in and put a stop to all this. This is no longer the country my parents told me about as I was growing up and I’m sure it’s not yours.