Hackers Of The Colonial Pipeline Must Be Punished To The Extreme And It Shows The Weakness Of Joe Biden: Newt Gingrich Speaks Out

This shows the weakness of the deep state, instead of the FBI and CIA following conservatives and harassing them they should be watching and preventing acts such as what transpired that have allowed hackers to penetrate a cyber attack on the colonial pipeline that covers 5500 miles. The hackers known as DarkSide are Russian based and provides 45% of oil to the East coast.    Since Joe Biden became president which was stolen to begin with. the world the aggressive countries in the world with their power ambitions, are acting out their future ambitions with China, Russia, Iran, Hamas to name just a few are now coming out of their caves because President Trump is not there to hold them back.   

The following was posted by Luke Kenton, published by The Sun: “On the national security part, let me say, we ought to pass a law immediately that makes this kind of hacking subject to a death penalty and the law should include a provision that the president through a judicial process should be able to order the killing of anybody overseas who is doing this,” Gingrich stated.”  

“The Republican continued that a “great country cannot allow people to come in and have no consequences and then wait for the next attack.”

“Gingrich said he believes the matter should be a bipartisan issue with lawmakers asking themselves “what are we prepared to do to protect America.”

“We need to react to it as an act of war, and the American people are going to look at their representatives and their senators and say, if you don’t fix this, your successor will. I won’t put up with it, and I won’t put up with you if you don’t fix it.”

Newt Gingrich is not far off base, this is an attack on the United States to attack a pipeline that provides 45% of fuel to the East Coast by hackers from Russia, what the hell else would you call it? If that was so simple to implement what is going to be next? Our water, our grid, take your pick. Obama when he was president allowed the world to run wild, remember ISIS that he allowed the killing of thousands of Christians by them and do you remember who destroyed ISIS? It was President Trump. Now we have China Joe who is as spineless as Obama and the question must be, are they really spineless or are they willingly allowing all these different power hungry dictators to run rampage to the detriment of the United States? We must remember these socialists are not for the best interest of America but for the New World Order and its going to come to a point where these socialists will have to be defeated no matter what it will take.     

George Soros Is Attempting To Bring School Bussing Back Into Neighborhood School Districts

Someone might ask why would that evil sadist George Soros want to get involved with Americas school systems, well the same reason he has gotten involved with all aspects pf American society, to change American society into his image; the same reason of the deep state that he is a very much a part of; the same reason that he uses his money to influence the talking points of the main stream media and politicians like Marxist Obama and the radical left to socialize America and make the U.S. Constitution meaningless; the same reason that he has provided the financing of much of the disruptions in America’s streets throughout the years. He is just a non-stop trouble maker who constantly stirs the pot towards socialism but he must be stopped. First of all he must be exposed more diligently to the American people as to his recent disastrous antics with our school systems.

The following was posted and published by Newt Gingrich: “The George Soros-funded project to take over suburban counties has extended from district attorneys to school boards.”

“In Howard County, Maryland the fanatics of the radical left took control of the local school board and imposed forced busing on people who did not want it.”

“Against deep opposition, the board voted to begin a program in which students will be bused out of their neighborhoods and forced to go to schools in other communities based on their parents’ income.”

” This policy of forced busing to move students out of their neighborhoods and move them into schools they don’t know in communities they don’t know is a disaster. It was a disaster when it was first tried in the 1970s.”

“The emergence of the Soros-funded program to take over local government with radical candidates and fund their campaigns to drown traditional candidates is a historic turning point in American history.”

“In many ways the impeachment fight is a diversion while the real fight is beginning at the grassroots between normal citizens and the militant left-wing totalitarians who want to use government to change society.”

“Over the next few weeks I will be reporting more and more on Soros inspired and funded left-wing activities at the local level. A Soros designed America would be a very different country from what we have today.”

I am trilled that a big name politician such as Newt has joined the bandwagon of exposing Soros to what he is and doing. You patriots who have been reading my posts for awhile now know that I have written President Trump on the influence George Soros has on the radical left in our society and he must be stopped. His own country of Hungary wants no part of him and if he steps foot in Russia he will be arrested and there is no reason why he should be allowed to so openly disrupt American society. I always wondered if Trump ever received my email considering I am sure there are others who read them first.

I am sure Trump is aware of disrupter Soros and I am hoping he makes Soros a top priority to rid him from America society in his second term. I have written before that the President in his second term must rid our school systems of socialism and now that we know the Soros money will be a big part of it he must go first. He disrupts American culture and values so I cant see why they cant find something criminal against him especially since he funds many of the riots in the streets of America. One thing I do know is that the Marxist has to go and America has no choice but to throw the bum out!