I Am Getting Sick Of The Radical Left Democratic(Socialist) Party Constantly Talking About Impeaching President Trump: They Should Put Up Or Shut Up!

This should teach the timid Republican Party a lesson of the fact there they had Marxist Obama trying to break as many laws of the United States Constitution and never a serious talk of impeaching him and of course the radical left never yelling foul. I always use to say and I still will that Obama learned the Constitution to destroy it and here there was a President who was constantly bringing the Constitution to the edge where some judges always had to vote him down and the Republicans just held back and acting very gentlemen type, well I use to say screw that! what the hell were they afraid off? Now here we have Trump who has been erasing many of the Obama executive orders so I assume the socialist Democratic Party holds Trump in contempt for trying to bring America back from the handcuffs of Obama and this is what has been giving them the driving force and confidence to constantly talk about impeaching Trump which I truly believe historians of the future will look back and scorn at the whole ideal in this period of American history no matter how liberal these historians have the reputation of being.

If the left-wing nuts are so convinced that they are correct and uniform in their convictions of impeaching Trump they should just shut up and go for it, impeach!. The thing is they know they can’t, number one there is nothing to convict him on and number two there are many in their party of influence that understand that to impeach Trump would be suicidal with no evidence to impeach him on and thirdly this impeach talk is dividing the inner core of the Democratic Party that it looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot get a grip on and the more they talk about impeachment the easier it will be for Trump to win the 2020 presidential election.

For two years now the American people have been held hostage of talk of impeaching President Trump and in the meantime his polls have been climbing but the point is We The People are tired of hearing the impeachment crap and especially now that special council Robert Mueller has finished his report and there was no collusion and believe me there was no obstruction of justice because if there was Mueller would have written it in his report. So all I will say to this radical left Democratic Party of today, put up or shut up!

Not Only Has Obama Continued To Allow Open Borders But Now It’s Been Found Out There Has Been A Glitch In The System On Background Checks For US Citizenship

Obama has always been concerned about the legacy he will leave behind for historians to judge. After all the dust is settled because as we know historians are liberal and usually treat their own kind very gently but on the other hand I’m sure they will judge Obama as leaving We The People and our homeland unprotected. Obama has left our borders open so as to allow any kind of terrorist to come in pretty well on an easy route considering they could just blend in with the other refugees with the same make-up which has been in the tens of thousands. Of course this is the situation where it is not known how many of these are ISIS considering there is no way these refugees can be vetted and this is where the big danger lies. On top of this We The People have found out recently that there is a glitch in the system that is suppose to be checking the background of the people that are applying for United States Citizenship. Obama will be judged way down the road from these future historians of a president that had no concern for the safety of We The People and of course by the time historians get to judge all this the proof will be out that Obama did not care about the safety of We The People of which it will be found out about his intent to take down America because the final chapter in all this would have been played out by then.

The following was posted by Stephen Dinan, published by the Washington Times: “The government suspended naturalization ceremonies and banned officers from approving any new applications for citizenship earlier this week after realizing its background check system was broken and ineligible people may have been slipping through, a key congressman revealed Friday.”

“House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, whose office was tipped off to the monumental error, said he was stunned by the problem — and also by the fact that the administration never bothered to inform him of it.”

“In the internal email Mr. Goodlatte obtained, the associate director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered all officers “not to approve or oath any naturalization cases in ELIS,” referring to the Electronic Immigration System that’s the case management system for processing applications.”

“In his email to employees, Mr. Renaud said officers were allowed to continue conducting citizenship interviews but could not issue a final approval. In emergency cases where the case must be decided or an oath administered, he said, officers needed to get written confirmation from a regional office that the FBI information in the system was correct.”

I am so stunned but on the other hand I remind myself as to who the president is with an attitude of let them all in and look the other way while they are here. If there is one main reason Hillary Clinton lost to President-elect Donald Trump is the immigration issue. The American people are very smart and they know that the security of our homeland has been compromised. If you recall when Trump started his campaign eighteen months ago it was the immigration issue that he brought forward and the ridiculousness of political correctness where people were compelled to talk about these issues only at their kitchen tables. Well We The People have spoken to the fact we are sick and tired of Obama allowing rift raft in our country and everybody in the government instructed by Obama to keep a blind eye. Obama is so concerned about his legacy well I would advise Obama his legacy is far from over with Jeff Sessions as the future Attorney General who I am sure will be reviewing for any possible wrong doings during Obama’s terms as president. Obama’s legacy is worthless because it was all about him and not the concerns of We The People. In any presidency there is a high and low road. Obama took the easy road, the low road. That’s where his legacy will lie and it’s not good.