This Independence Day Our Forefathers Expect The American People to Say Enough Is Enough! Not Only Joe Biden and His Marxist Regime Don’t Feel The American Peoples Pain, but They also Caused It.

Joe Biden and his Marxist regime have openly admitted that they are out to destroy our fossil fuel industry to implement the Green deal, to do away with gas driven cars for electric which will never happen because number one they are too costly and secondly the American people just don’t want them. China Joe found an economy that was energy independent from President Trump and has caused an economy that is now dependent on our enemies for fuel consumption because he is openly destroying our God given resources that has made the United States the power that it is and that is our oil that is more than the whole Middle east, this is treason, not fulfilling the needs of the American people which is Biden’s first responsibility. Joe Biden when asked about when fuel prices are going to come down, he said, “as long as it takes,” so much for feeling the pain of the American people. High food prices and shortages that are raging across the United States Biden and his regime have no plan because they just don’t care, it’s all about taking America down to relying on a Marxist style government and an open-door border policy that no other country in the world would put up with mainly for a future Democratic vote because cheating to win elections will be getting more difficult. 

The following was posted by Cristina Laila, posted by The Gateway Pundit: “Joe Biden’s Director of the National Economic Council on Thursday let the mask slip when asked what he would tell Americans who can’t afford high gas prices for years to come.”

“What do you say to those families that say, ‘listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’” CNN host Victor Blackwell asked Brian Deese.”

“This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.,” Biden advisor Brian Deese said.”

“Brian Deese said the quiet part out loud.”

If our Forefathers came back in a time machine they would never put up with the obvious, that the Biden Marxist regime is out to destroy the United States of America for as this Marxist Brian Deese stated above it’s all about the liberal World Order. For the Democrat’s out there who say they have always been Democrats and they will not change now they are also the enemy within. What would our Forefathers have done about this, well that is not hard to figure out. 

When the November elections arrive we need to show our Forefathers that their efforts did not go in vain, that the America that they envisioned is still upon us and the best way to do this as of the moment is to vote the radical, Marxist, Democratic Party out with such a huge red wave that they would be meaningless for decades to come until they will once again honor our way of life and the constitution that our Forefathers put together This independence day this mist be the plan for the survival of our republic.


As Another Independence Day Approaches We The People Must Believe In American Exceptionalism

On this Independence Day We The people must believe that America is an exceptional nation. No matter how much Obama wants to take America into a state of parity with the rest of the world the American people are not in parity with the rest of the world. America is superior, a country that has saved the world from domination by Germany in both World Wars. America is a country that the world has depended on because of the rigorousness of the America people. The world is calling for America once again but Obama chooses instead to ignore the fact that what’s happening overseas with ISIS if left unchecked will be fought on our soil as this is a reminder from the Homeland Security that we are being warned as of a possible terrorist attack on this July 4th.

There is no excuse whatsoever that we should be having threats of a possible terrorist attack on our nation. God forbid if this is to occur on July 4th or any other day for that matter I would like to know how would Obama address the nation. How is he going to respond? I’m sure most of us know the answer to this question. The way the United States should respond in such a scenario is to declare war and destroy this ISIS lowlife organization. This should have been done already with the beheading of two of our Americans by the ISIS. Obama is stalling to get out of the presidency so he doesn’t have to deal with this problem. All I can say is that if our homeland is attacked in any way shape or form the blood spilled will be on Obama’s hands.

The world relies on the United States as they have done since the World Wars. We are an exceptional people and the world knows that and respects that because of the leadership qualities of the American people. You see a socialist like Obama does not want the American people to show exceptionalism, any exceptionalism is reserved for himself. That’s the nature of socialism. If Obama likes it or not I will write a quote that we have heard all so many times, “America is the last best hope for mankind.”