Justice Will Not Be Served As Long As You Have An Attorney General In Loretta Lynch Who Obstructs Justice

What is going to happen in regard to justice for the United States of America when in fact we have an Attorney General in Loretta Lynch who is nothing but a left wing hack. How can we forget it was her who had a secret meeting with ex-president Bill Clinton at an airport in which Clinton was waiting for her plane to show up of which We The People would never had known about it except for the fact there was a very observant reporter there who took the picture just days before the FBI Director James Comey gave his famous presentation to the American people that he was not going to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton. Loretta Lynch has taken over from her predecessor Eric Holder and has followed his exact game plan and that is not to pursue any ongoing scandal at any time, period. The latest being Loretta Lynch was trying to pressure the FBI Director not to continue the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and emails. These people are all in it together from Obama on down.

The following was posted by James Barrett, published by the Daily Wire: “According to an administration official close to the situation, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured FBI Director James Comey to keep the reopening of the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server quiet.”

“Coming less than two weeks before the Presidential election, Comey’s decision to make public new evidence that may raise additional legal questions about Clinton was contrary to the views of the Attorney General, according to a well-informed Administration official,” the New Yorker reports. ”

“According to the Administration official, Lynch asked Comey to follow Justice Department policies, but he said that he was obliged to break with them because he had promised to inform members of Congress if there were further developments in the case. He also felt that the impending election created a compelling need to inform the public, despite the tradition of acting with added discretion around elections. The Administration official said that Lynch and Justice Department officials are studying the situation, which he called unprecedented.”

Just think what the impact would have been if we found out that the FBI Director held back this information from us so as just to protect a presidential candidate. It would have ruined the credibility of the FBI for years to come. Comey made a hard decision the same way it was a hard decision for him back in July when he ruled that he would not recommend indictment on Hillary. Well now his agents uncovered more dirt on the dirtiest person to ever run for the presidency in Hillary Clinton and I am sure his agents showed him what they found in the newness of the investigation and asked Comey what he was going to do about it. We The People have found out Comey’s answer, “go for it.”

Hillary Clinton Has Put Her Party In Panic Mode: So Much So A Former DNC Chair Is Calling For A Contingency Plan If Need Be To Replace Her

It doesn’t matter what frequency of lies come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth her supporters would stick by her tooth and nail, it being lies on Benghazi, it being lies on her private server, it being lies on her emails and don’t forget she has yet to tell the American people why she needed a private server in the first place as though We The People don’t have the brains to have figured out why she did so but its the lies about her health that finally has moved the mountain of believers to an explosion of many non-believers. This women is disintegrating before our very eyes health wise and this last episode of her fainting and the Secret Service having to throw her in her van like a bowl of jello and the nation having to wait for hours to get some kind of a coherent statement from her staff is beyond reproach.

The following was posted by James Barrett, published by the Daily Wire: “How real is the chance that Hillary Clinton is forced to bow out of the presidential race over her continued heath problems? Real enough that a former Democratic National Committee chairman is now sounding the alarm about the immediate need for a contingency plan to replace her. It’s official: full-on panic over their physically and politically collapsing candidate has set in for the Democratic Party.”

“While Don Fowler, chairman of the DNC from 1995 to 1997 (during Bill Clinton’s presidency) and a faithful supporter of Hillary, is not calling for her to step down, as Politico stresses, he is calling on the party to put into place a clear replacement plan for the ailing candidate — and as soon as possible.”

A friend of mine stressed to me recently that if the candidate is not Hillary Clinton for the Democrats it will be just another liberal(socialist) so what’s the difference? I stressed the fact that yes its true that all the Democrats are liberals, I would say in left-wing nut proportions because there is no longer any middle ground in the Democratic Party, it has as we know been hijacked by the left wing element of their party but here is the thing that must be stressed. Hillary Clinton is a very evil person with devil behavior of the highest consequences to whomever stands in her way and we must not have a person such as this in the White House.

Hillary Clinton knows her health issues have done a disservice to her supporters who have trusted her with her explanations of her health. The pressures of the presidency cannot have a person in the White House who needs to nap hours of the day because of health issues. Hillary I am sure even her supporters have figured out by now why she does not have a full-time campaign schedule because of the fact her bad health has deprived her of it and she does not have the stamina needed to fulfill the duties of the presidency. Yes, Hillary tried to stretch out her shortcoming’s of bad health and hoped it would not have been noticed well the cat is now out of the bag. This will be very interesting from here on end. Hillary Clinton will not be able to have her Doctor put down that she had pneumonia the next time around which I am guessing Hillary lied about what really ails her that she had to be taken out of the 9/11 ceremonies three hours ahead of time. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Don’t Let Her Fool You: Hillary Clinton Is Very Worried And She Should Be!

Hillary Clinton must be very worried and that’s an understatement, she is probably panicking and mixing doubles since she already has been known to have a drinking problem. Here it is the first day of her DNC and already she is without her Convention Chair spokesperson Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz because of the demands she resign by the Bernie Sanders delegates after it was found out she was behind many of the emails 20,000 of them leaked by WikiLeaks about the DNC and many of them were to discredit Bernie Sanders by false allegations.

Sunday one day before the start of the convention there were protesters marching down the streets chanting “Hell No, DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!” “This is what democracy looks like!” the protesters declared. ”

“Other declarations heard during the rally included “Lock her up!” and “Hillary for prison!” — echoes of chants heard a few days earlier at the Republican National Convention.”

The following was posted by James Barrett, published by the Daily Wire: “Despite the media’s concerted efforts to present Clinton’s road to the presidency as “inevitable,” the reality, as the massive pushback from Sanders supporters has underscored, is that many on the left do not support her. The two biggest reasons: she is the definition of an establishment politician and she is widely perceived as untrustworthy.”

We The People saw the presentation that FBI Director James Comey made in front of the cameras, even though he did not recommend the case going to the Dept. of Justice he gave Hillary a full indictment as to her mishandling of emails that were put on her private server and now that has set in on peoples minds, even Democrats but especially independents.

Probably the last wood to put on the fire that I’m sure is driving Hillary crazy is Donald Trumps surge in the polls. The speech that he gave at the Republican Convention hit a home run as to what We The People have been talking about and a thirst for leadership that has been missing for the last seven years, a leadership that we sure as hell wont get from Hillary Clinton because don’t forget she has said countless times she will follow the policy’s of Obama, but the thing is We The People are through with the policy’s of Obama and that means the policy’s of Hillary are giving Trump a bump in the polls all by themselves.

If Donald Trump stays on message I don’t see a chance for Hillary and she knows it but she is such a fool because she has allowed Bernie Sanders to move her more to the left than she wanted and that has become her death warrant. Just listen to her on every major issue, you would think that she would be able by now to measure the temperature of the American people but you see she just cant help herself, that’s how socialists are, they live in a world of their own and they actually believe they can force their will on the majority of the American people, but We The People have had enough, we are pissed off and we will take it out on Hillary Clinton. You know that old saying better to be pissed off than pissed on, well come November Hillary Clinton will be pissed on.