Before All The Facts Were In On The Oregon Shooter Obama Already Was Talking Gun Control

Obama is a despicable human being with out knowing all the facts of the Oregon shooter Obama already was taking center stage to push his gun control agenda with lies on top of it. With maybe only a couple of sentences about the victims and their family’s the rest of his wordings was all gun control. He claimed that states with the most rigid gun controls had the least gun related murders. It’s ironic that Chicago where he had spent many years has the most rigid gun control laws and has constant gun related murders where they have shootings and murders practically every weekend. Since 2012 Chicago has had over 6000 shootings. If it was up to Obama and his Marxist philosophy there would be no Second Amendment to the Constitution.

It is the problem with mental illness that should be the main focus. Are there enough ways to notice it and prevent bad things from happening. Should family members be educated to bring these type of people forward and not feel guilty about it before they go over the edge. How about drug use and how easy it is to get it. The court systems have been lacks as far as arresting them and not be too eager to put them back out to society. You know I am sure that in many countries overseas it’s the drug pusher who will get a very large sentence. I always said that the drug pusher is a murderer considering the pusher exposes our young people to slow deaths by exposing them to drug use. The pusher as far as I am concerned should be the one facing the full penalty of the law.

One thing America needs back into our society is God and Obama definitely is not a God faring person. He sure is not Christian as I have written about it before. Gone are the days when you would have a president like Ronald Reagan who would actually have a Christmas address talking about Jesus right out of the White House. We need a God faring president to show the American people that as we are still a Christian nation it’s okay to talk about Jesus in a good way from time to time. The best Obama can do is tell We The People as he once did that we are not a Christian nation. That’s when he showed his true colors that he could care less about Christianity. To hear that from the president of the United States is disgusting. I can’t say it any other way and than he blames the gun for society’s ills, no, it’s the likes of Obama.

Shameful Obama Talks About Gun Control Instead Of Uniting America With Prayer After Charleston Shooting

This socialist is such a shameful president he is constantly an embarrassment. His main problem is that it’s always politics and that being the case what it does is not allowing America to have a wholesome effect of the presidency. It’s always a left-wing agenda and most Americans are tired of it. Obama you see is always running the clock. What do I mean by that, I mean since day one he has been trying to beat the clock of his presidency running out and not transforming America to his liking. You see my friends one of the first things Hitler wanted to do was take the guns away from his German citizens and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. Can you imagine if Obama had his wish for total gun control and he will keep on trying for it as witnessed from his shameful statement not even 24 hours after these families lost loved ones where people were at a prayer meeting at a very historic church in Charleston, SC., stressing gun control. If he wants to talk about gun control he could have saved it for another time, but mind you he will not talk about the mentally ill which this is where these killings mainly come from.

If there is anyone to blame for unrest in our country is this divisive president who has taken God out of America’s well being. When does this socialist ever talk about Jesus but instead he mocks Christianity every chance he gets. He should be taking our nation to prayer after such sorrow, but what do you expect from someone who went to Rev.Wright’s church all those years, a hater of America that Rev. Wright has proved himself to be, but let us not forget Obama never heard one of his sermons for 20 years and he was allowed to get away with such a retard statement.

On Fox News’s Neil Cavuto Show on Thursday Neil interviewed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. The following was posted by Dr. Susan Berry, published by Breatbart: “I think it was completely shameful, that within 24 hours of this awful tragedy, nine people killed at a bible study at a church,” Jindal continued. “We have the president trying to score cheap political points. Let him have this debate next week. His job as commander in chief is to help the country begin the healing process.”

“Jindal said Obama should be “hugging these families,” and “praying for these families.”

“For whatever reason, he always tries to divide us,” Jindal asserted. “Today was not the moment.”

It’s very heartening to hear such talk from our political leaders because it makes one feel that there is still hope for America. Obama must understand that We The People are on to him now and that is the fact that Obama is not good for America. Yes Obama, we are watching the clock too.

It’s Time for Christians To Take a Stand

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this week which of course is Christmas we must remember for the people who might have forgotten, is that Jesus is our Lord. Jesus is God. Philippians 2:7 when He became a man, He “emptied Himself,” or laid aside the symbols of His glory; now, when a man, He humbled Himself. That is, though he was God appearing in the form of man – a divine person on earth – yet he did not assume and assert the dignity and prerogatives appropriate to a divine being, but put Himself in a condition of obedience. For such a being to obey law, implied voluntary humiliation; and the greatness of His humiliation was shown by His becoming entirely obedient, even until He died on the cross.

Jesus as we know came to die for our sins. He came and changed the Old Covenant(Testament) to the New Covenant (Testament). Naturally we can’t go through the whole Bible here but lets pick the main descriptive so as to get the general idea of the main change. The Old Testament stressed “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.” Jesus revised this to be “turn the other cheek.” Surprisingly some people get the wrong interpretation on what this means. It definitely does not mean that you cannot defend yourself and your family if it came upon harm. It definitely does not mean that you cannot defend your country from enemy attack. What it means is to accept goodness, forgiveness, if badness has been placed on you. If you are insulted, hurt, angered, annoyed at someone, “turn the other cheek,” let God make the consequential decision on that person.

This brings us to the different religious groups in the United States today. 73% of Americans identify themselves as being Christian in the United States.This means that there are 23% that are not Christian; they practice some other form of religion. Our Forefathers who wrote the Constitution, the greatest document the world has ever known, gave us freedom of religion. I understand as quoted in the Bible there are various conditions that are sinful. This is not for me or anyone else to make judgment or serve consequences on these acts, or make judgments on these other religions. This is our Maker’s decision, it is God’s. What I do expect considering that this is still a Christian Nation I don’t want God to be taken out of our schools or out of our government. Here it is Christmas time and in various school systems across our land educators have instructed staff members to take out the word Jesus out of Christmas Carols. You can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools because it has the word God in it that was passed by Congress under the Eisenhower Administration to include it. During Christmas some Government buildings have been told not to put out an observance of Jesus. The list goes on. Our country does not put limitations on other religions and we should expect the same from them.

I want to tell the Christian community we cannot allow this to continue. We are 73% strong, we have to make our voices heard. The same way these other religious groups want to be looked on, we should expect the same. Why are we allowing this to happen in our country? I am just one person writing; there are tens of thousands writing on this topic as I am, but we write alone. I am not an organization with thousands of people behind me, but you large Christian organization groups with a big Christian following, what are you doing? Why are you not acting to preserve the name of Jesus the God Almighty in our country, the United States of America. By you not acting is a sin in itself. Are you going to allow these socialists who you know as well as I do could care less about our religion or any others religion for that matter just to go on as they are doing? Jesus as I have mentioned before wants us to stay concerned about ourselves and allow Him to worry about the rest. He wants our main emphasis to be on Him. But I must remind you that God has destroyed whole civilizations in the past who have done a lot less than us. We have to revive our Christian movement again in America or America might be going to the path as those other civilizations that God has destroyed. I have written this before, my mother use to tell me as a youngster that God has blessed America, the question that should be asked, is God still blessing America? The only way our country is to survive is to put God back in it otherwise I doubt very much about our survival.

You big Christian organizations out there, I’m just don’t want you to sit around and talk about this issue, I want you to get involved. Who am I to give you such an order, I am a believer in Jesus Christ our Lord, that’s who I am, and believe me He is watching to see what you will do. “Onward Christian Soldiers.”