Obama’s NSA Will Not Spy On The People Who Want To Kill Us But Will Spy On Our Closest Ally Israel And The United States Congress

If people thought President Nixon was ruthless Obama makes Nixon look like a saint and this is only one of the pieces Obama has been doing throughout his many devious deeds. You must put into perspective the fact this spying by Obama was done right in the heat at the time that France and Germany were very vocal of the fact that the NSA was spying on their perspective countries. That did not phase Obama whatsoever who was very troubled and angry of the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was warning Congress of the terrible Iranian deal that Obama was about to sign with Iran provoked Obama to do what Nixon never did even though he might have talked about it and that is spy on his own Congress as obsessed as he was to make a deal with our biggest enemy in the Middle East, Iran.

The following was posted by Jordan Schachtel, published by Breitbart News: “The NSA would routinely intercept Netanyahu’s communications and send them to White House officials for dissections, the report says, citing a former official.”

“When Israel continued to lobby against the deal, the NSA picked up on Israeli officials’ conversations with American members of Congress. The people interviewed for the Wall Street Journal piece claim that these communications were mistakenly obtained, but nonetheless, still amount to a Nixonian endeavor.”

“Iran has already tested the limits of the nuclear deal, firing off two ballistic missile tests in clear violation of UN sanctions. The regime in Tehran has sent Shiite mercenaries to fight the civil war in Syria, and continues to overtly support terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah.”

All this spying on our best ally Israel and the United States Congress for what? To keep his eye on Netanyahu so as to see how much of an influence he might have to destroy his Iranian deal even though Iran is a country that sponsors terror all around the world and already as shown above they have been cheating on the deal that does not surprise anybody. Radical Islam that has done terrorist’s attacks on the US since the 1970’s domestically and internationally who Obama should be spying on or profiling Obama has a hands off attitude and this is why Americans are starting to wonder who the real enemy is.

An Iranian Advisor To Obama At The Iranian Nuclear Talks At One Time Worked For A Pro-Iranian Lobby

Just when We The People have been getting suspicious with the real intent of Obama’s talks with Iran to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb this story comes into light. It has been obvious that Obama has developed a bad taste for Israel and now this news definitely puts fuel on the fire as to where Obama’s interests lie.

The following was posted by Jordan Schachtel, published by Breitbart News: “Breitbart News has found that a person with the same name has previously written several publications on behalf of NIAC. According to what appears to be her LinkedIn account, Nowrouzzadeh became an analyst for the Department of Defense in 2005 before moving her way up to the National Security Council in 2014.”

“A NIAC profile from 2007 reveals that Sahar Nowrouzzadeh appears to be the same person as the one who is currently the NSC Director for Iran. The profiles indicate that she had the same double major and attended the same university (George Washington).”

“NIAC was established in 1999, when founder Trita Parsi attended a conference in Cyprus that was held under the auspices of the Iranian regime. During the conference, Parsi reportedly laid out his plan to introduce a pro-regime lobbying group to allegedly counteract the influence of America’s pro-Israel and anti-Tehran regime advocacy groups.”

“NIAC has been investing heavily in attempts to influence the talks in favor of an agreement with the state sponsor of terror. In recent days, its director, Trita Parsi, has been spotted having amiable conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s brother.”

So now as you can see as has been shown there is an Obama Iranian adviser who at one time worked for this NICA group. This is starting to look like a James Bond movie. The biggest giveaway that makes this deal suspicious is Obama’s anxiousness to make a deal with Iran which is unfounded. Iran is still cheating on everything they are involved in as of information from the International Inspectors. So now we find out that Obama has a pro-Iranian right in his NSC and he doesn’t even know it or the real question is, or does he? Maybe this person is with the same likes as Susan Rice and Valery Jarrett. This deal cannot be allowed to happen by no means.

It was a Democrat president by the name of Harry Truman that helped establish Israel as a nation in 1948. Obama should be Israel’s obligated protector instead of putting them in a dangerous position and siding with Iran. Trying to get an anything goes deal with Iran does not make sense whatsoever. Yes, some people say he is doing it for his legacy. I think that is too simplistic and there is something a lot more sinister too this that America must walk in full alert because you know as well as I do something is not right.