Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Obama Talking Like A Dictator

The majority of Americans did not like what they heard in Obama’s annual address to the nation. CNN’s poll showed that 67% of Americans did not like the idea of Obama talking about pushing his programs through by executive order by going over Congresses head. I started warning people when he was running for president the first time that there was a word that he used in the campaign that should put all Americans on alert, and that was that he was going to “transform” America. That’s the word, “transform”. Lets think about this for a moment. This was a word that the media completely chose to ignore. Did anyone in the media choose to ask Obama what he meant by “transform,” in other words how and what was he going to transform? It took the American people five years to figure it out but I believe it has happened. Who does Obama think he is, first of all to keep his college papers under lock and key so we can not see which Marxist professors influenced him to think as such. The American people have figured out that the people he has put in place in his cabinet will not say it as daringly as myself but are socialists with the agenda to change America to their liking. We are not going to allow that to happen, are we?

The American people when polled put the economy and jobs on top of the list of importance. He is doing neither as though he wants this once mighty economy of ours to crumple. He made me laugh with many remarks in his address but one remark that was striking was when he said that the US is less reliant on overseas oil than ever before. Like Rand Paul said, “that happened in spite of him.” Yes there is much more drilling now but it is on public lands, not federal lands.Obama has sealed up exploring for oil on federal lands almost to a stop, or whatever president George W. Bush initiated is active today. Obama’s lies can’t get through as reality any longer, he has lied one time too often. The Keystone Pipe Line that could add thousands of jobs to our economy has not been decided for approval yet by Obama. I wonder if it has anything to do with his friend Warren Buffett owning a railroad company that delivers oil in that same area that they are talking of installing the pipe line. This should be investigated by our partisan news media, but good luck with that one.

So it has come down now that Democrats running in crucial states for reelection in November do not want to be seen with Obama. They should have thought of that when they supported this socialist blindly with the implementation of Obama Care. Even Senator Harry Reid is not pressuring politicians from various states that they have to be seen with Obama. He is leaving it up to them.

Obama may be president but he does not follow the tradition of our founders. This is not the same Democratic party of Jackson, Truman, and Kennedy. This is a party of tyranny and the people are getting wise to the fact, the Democratic Party has been kidnapped by people with non traditional goals of Democrats from the past. My friends, we are witnessing the hostile takeover of the United States of America. This is why the Congressional elections in November are so very important. Of course there are Democrats who have stayed within the Constitutional make up of the United States. The American people know the ones who are socialists.We must rid ourselves in the ballot box of these politicians. If they want to practice socialism there are a few countries around the world who are meant just for them, but they are not welcome in the United States of America.

The Reasons to Impeach President Barack Hussein Obama

What processes a person to want to be President of the United States? How many times in conversation you would say, “why would anyone want that job?” Did Richard Nixon want it to establish the United States on the international scene? Did John Kennedy want it to obligate himself for it, knowing the Presidency was really groomed for his brother Joseph who was killed in World War ll? Did Bill Clinton want it because he felt your pain? Whatever the motivated force behind anyone wanting to be President, the main motivation behind it was love of country and to continue the hopes of our Forefathers which was freedom to exist and to respect each others liberty. Then along came Obama who has another idea for our country, and that idea cannot help but put him at odds with our Constitution, and eventually lead to impeachable offenses, and that is transform the United States into his liking, and what is that liking? for this report I will use the polite word of socialism, inasmuch that word is hard to accept for some, never mind Marxism. There, I did it! I used the word Marxism, but it is so hard to point the truth with out the correct word, but it will be the only time I will use that word as a definitive in this blog, because I know we all get the point.


The first impeachable offense is not allowing the Keystone oil pipeline to be built from Canada to Texas.This pipeline would add an additional 700,000 to 830,000 barrels of oil per day from a close ally and about 179,000 jobs. If the delay continues there will be no stopping Canada from allowing China into the equation.

There is something suspicious as to why Obama will not approve this pipeline. This has been under wraps for awhile lately, but do you recall Obama’s close friendship with Warren Buffett? I call them the odd couple because for the life of me, what do they have in common except that they need each other. Obama needs Buffett going around saying that his secretary pays more in taxes than he does and in the year 2009, Buffett did something very interesting, he purchased the Northern Santa Fe Railroad company, now I must ask you, who in this day and age buys a Railroad company? What this Railroad would allow is shipment of oil from Canada to Texas, now isn’t that some coincidence; Warren Buffett possibly has done it again, maybe they should make another odd couple movie.

It is up to the President of the United States to protect our National Sovereignty. We are dependent on the Middle East for oil, but the Middle East in the last years has turned on us. Iran wants to kill us, and there is no way of knowing where Egypt will go. It is very instrumental for our existence to become self sufficient on our oil rescores, and we have enough oil reserves to go for hundreds of years on our own. Other resources can go into play as we go along such as wind and solar; don’t close the door on them, but use presently our God given resource which is oil. Obama is preventing the United States from becoming self sufficient, which is leaving open the door of constantly being blackmailed by these hostile Middle East countries, and because Obama knowingly is allowing this to happen, this is an impeachable offense.


Obama’s ex chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, now Mayor of Chicago (what does that tell you) has become famous for suggesting that a good politician should never “let a serious crisis go to waste”. Hillary Clinton also has said “never waste a good crisis”. What are they both getting at? That when people are scared and in panic mode that is the time to put through new laws that step by step will breech the US Constitution? Does this surprise you from these people? This was Fast and Furious, a crisis made to happen.

Hillary Clinton (Hillary gets around doesn’t she?) on Greta of Fox News, mentioned that the problem with Mexico is shared, because they are getting their guns from us; in other words the American People. She also said that she was worried about our border patrol officers. This is just another Democratic attempt to get the media to help push for us to lose our second amendment rights. This was an article from Hanen in 2009. This was a prelude to the shootings that have happened recently in our school’s. Take a crisis on guns and run with it.

As part of Operation Fast and Furious, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed 1,961 guns to “walk” out of the U.S. Then they lost tract of these weapons. So much for Hillary Clinton’s assertion that American citizens were shipping guns to Mexico. This caused the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.(nobody got killed in Watergate)

The Congress has yet to receive all of the documents it has asked for from Att. Gen Holder. Obama is stonewalling. He has instructed Holder not to turn them over. Obama is concerned about the types of guns that Americans are using but yet he allowed 1,961 guns to be sent to Mexico, but he knows nothing about it. Believe me, he knows everything about it.Obama’s cover up and actions in Fast and Furious is an impeachable offense.


To the prelude on the attack of Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens and others sent e-mails and cables to the State Department, to warn that there was not enough security for Benghazi. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton( she is still getting around, isn’t she?) claims she never received any e-mails or cables, if that’s the case where did they go? Hillary claims she accepts full responsibility of the 70,000 people who work at the State Dept., I would like to know who takes responsibility over her? There is more to her job than wining and dining. Obama and Hillary got together to calibrate a story that the four Americans who got killed was from a riot that was caused by a You Tube video. Then it was determined that UN Ambassador Susan Rice was to go on five Sunday talk shows to lie of the fact that all this was a riot caused by a You Tube video. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton go on these talk shows? Whoever believed this story I feel was smoking pot. Then it naturally came out that this was not a riot, but an assault by al-Qaida.

The crime here was that the American people were lied to for political reason’s by Obama and Clinton. Obama was afraid of the fact that he had been telling the American people that al-Qaida was dead, whereas in fact they are very much alive and it was to close to the Presidential election for the public to find that out. As more pieces of the story are coming out, now we have found out that Obama didn’t even make any phone calls to anyone that night, but he was taking a trip to Las Vegas to campaign. Obama lied to the American people about Benghazi, and that is an impeachable offense.


A President can make recess appointments only if there is a real recess.This can only be done if the recess was between annual sessions of Congress. His recess appointments in January 2012 were of three members of the National Labor Relations Board and the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.The U.S.Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled unanimously that the NLRB recess appointments were unconstitutional.The Senate was not in recess when these appointments were made.

Obama was a Professor in Constitutional Law, or that’s what has been noted and if that’s the case he should have known the Constitutionality of the Senate recess rule. This is an impeachable offense.


Obama agreed to a sequester if Congress could not come to terms with a budget; in other words automatic cuts.Keep in mind Obama already got tax increases just two months ago, now he is asking for even more tax increases in the form of closing loopholes. What this shows is that he was calling the Republicans bluff, that they would blink, but they didn’t blink. The economy will not get it’s engines going with all these tax increases and new regulations, as though Obama does not know this, so what is his motive. You have the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid who has not produced a budget for over three years. It is Obama’s job to negotiate deals for the good of the economic well being of the nation and here is where I am going with this, if Obama is stonewalling just to hurt the Republicans in the 2014 Congressional election, he is not putting the well being of the United States on top priority, and that is an impeachable offense.

That is my Articles of Impeachment against President Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America. I could have added his phony Birth Certificate and him not opening his school records to prove that he was or was not a Foreign Exchange Student, but that will be played out as events unfold.