The Middle Class In The United States Will Not Prosper As Long As There Is A Liberal(Socialist) President

It seems that a Democrat running for president is always going to campaign on helping the Middle Class. This was highly stressed by Obama in 2008 and 2012 in his presidential campaigns and wouldn’t you know it you are hearing static from the just declared Hillary Clinton campaign that she will stress the importance of helping the middle class. The problem with this is that after six years of Obama the Middle Class is still hurting and believe you me as long as Hillary is a liberal and that is not about to change there will be no improvement for the middle class because that is the nature of the beast which is the word liberal(socialist) and it’s desires or lack of them for the average American.

There has been a lot of talk lately on the term “wealth inequality”. Wealth inequality is the unequal distribution of financial assets among a population. The rich and poor in the United States have vast disparities between them. This is what the liberals are now using for their new Karl Marx class warfare. The rich are to blame for the hardship of the poor.

Lets get to the heart of the matter, the real cause of the Middle Class demise. There are reported presently about 92 million Americans out of work and I have seen that number as high as 101 million. Keep in mind these are people that are not producing in any capacity whatsoever whereas before when they were in the workforce you would not have these liberal created words of “wealth inequality.” The following is from a post by Arthor Hedrick Smith, published by Marketplace Economy: “CEOs of companies thought it was their job to sustain and support the interests and balance the interests of the various stakeholders in the company, and that word ‘stakeholders’ is very important. It’s not shareholders alone, but it’s management, it’s employees, it’s suppliers, it’s customers, it’s the communities they lived in,” he says. “As productivity in the American economy went up, so did the pay of the average person in America. That has not been true since 1973.”

That above statement is all so important. When people are working and productivity is increasing people will have jobs and the pay increases to go with it and this term of the times “wealth Inequality” would not even be thought of much less talked about.

The liberals(socialists) are trying to have it both ways and naturally it can’t work. You cannot add yearly all kinds of new regulations and taxes and expect the business person especially the small business persons who controls over 70% of the economy to be able to hire back these 92 million people who have no jobs much less expand like they used to, to be able to hire people on a continuous basis.

The government does not create jobs, it’s the business community that creates jobs. Instead of liberals(socialists) really trying to help the business community by ridding them of many unnecessary regulations and much taxation what do they do, they play the class warfare game, poor against rich, but I believe We The People have figured that out. It’s all about the government controlling you and I. That’s where these socialists are taking us and that will ruin the economy of the United States of America in the process. America still leans middle to right, there are more conservatives than liberals overall and there is no reason why these liberals win elections other than the fact conservatives of concern for the future of the economic well being of America must go to the voting booths. If this commences on a regular basis the liberals will be run out of office and this is what must happen from here on end. We The People will take America back.

For Decades American Schools Have Been Overcrowded: Welcome Aboard Illegal Immigrant Children

So Obama and his cronies were all caught by surprise with tens of thousands of immigrant children entering our borders. This was a big surprise even though it’s about two months before the November Congressional elections. This was such a surprise that Mexico that normally is rigid with Central Americans crossing their borders all of a sudden they opened up their border to them with welcome in their hearts. Give me a break. This was such a surprise that the Obama Administration knew exactly where these children would be quarantined. This was such a surprise that the Obama Administration knew what bus and plane routes to put these children on. Finally it was such a surprise that the Obama Administration knew what city to sent them to and on top of that to cities all over the United Sates. No my friends, this was not a surprise, this was well planned by this socialist in the White House Obama, to change the future voter demographics in the United States. These children will never grow to be conservatives, they will be of the mind set that government brought them over here now government will always take care of them.

For many years now we have been hearing that our classrooms are overcrowded. Even when I was going to school I remember over thirty kids in the class. So just think folks, these children might be coming to a school in your neighborhood, maybe in your child’s school, how about that! teachers today have their hands full and many are overwhelmed as it is with the kids they have now so on top of that they will have Spanish speaking students. Where are they going to find all this extra help. They sure can’t take a Spanish speaking person off the street and make him or her a teacher. How about shots and screening for diseases. I know about immigrants, I am first generation, my parents are from Greece, and my relatives from Greece had to go through a legal process to come to America and it didn’t effect the classrooms because immigrants came sporadically, not a wave.

Federal law says all children are entitled to a free education, regardless of their immigration status. the main problem with these children is that they are not accompanied by their parents or some relative. The whole burden will fall on the city that they have landed. As many as 50,000 unaccompanied immigrant children are set to start school this month nationwide. I know there is always someone out there who will say “but the government will help pay.” Number one, the government is broke and number two, we are the government, the tax payers.

This is Obama’s game plan and his liberal(socialist) plan. They are attempting to change the wants of the American people to bland in with their socialistic ideology. The conservative point of view was always to better ones self. To achieve in the capitalistic system to have the better jobs, the better things in life for the family and very patriotic and love of country. Obama’s way which is all he knows because that’s what he has always been exposed to is the socialistic share the wealth, that’s not how it works in America, Americans are a giving people always donating and helping out causes. The socialists want to take it away from the earners to give to the non-producers. This is not going to work, it’s never worked in history. Obama wants people to rely on the government but what he forgets is that its the producers, you and I who make up our country and if we stop producing by taking away the incentives to produce what do you think will happen? An economic crash that will be destructive too no end and then and only then will the United States come back to full recovery, by starting all over again. Yes, we must take back our country, on to November!