Once Again Obama Downplays The Killing Of Four Marines In Tennessee : He Was Eager To Say It Was A Lone Gunman

Obama does not want to talk about the real motive to We The People as to what is really happening and unless you are a political junkie that keeps up with the news from all kinds of sources it will be missed. What Obama is not saying is that the ISIS has given the order that anyone who wants to join their movement but cannot actually join their forces in the Middle East they can do the next best thing and that is act as lone wolf gun men and kill Americans by whatever means which includes military establishments.

Today the attack on two military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee was by a practicing Muslim. Naturally this was a gun free zone which you couldn’t help seeing advertised as such. Why are our military personal not allowed to be armed is another liberal brain dead analysis. The ISIS has declared war on We The People and there have been attacks before. Today you had Marines and Sailors running for cover because they couldn’t protect themselves and others as well. Our military establishments which also means recruiting centers have to be armed. The ISIS must think we are a joke. What makes this worst is that Obama knows that this is more than just a lone wolf attack, this is instructions from ISIS to attack America, we should be declaring war, just think about it, we are being attacked from instructions by the ISIS, wake up people! The FBI Director said that he is being overwhelmed keeping up with all this radicalization. He said the FBI has done a good job till now but he wont be able to stop it indefinitely.

Now I will advise you where Obama’s heart and mind really was today. For Obama to come out today and give a message to the American people was an after thought, let me show you where his first thought was. The following was posted by Bob Price, published y Breitbart News: “President Barack Obama sent a celebratory message to Muslims around the world on the White House Twitter account nearly two hours before his first tweet on the subject of four dead Marines killed by an Islamic gunman.”

“From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!” —@POTUS to Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr,” the White House tweeted. This message was tweeted at 4:48 p.m. according to the White House Twitter feed.”

The president of the United States sending celebratory messages to Muslims around the world on the same day and two hours before he sent out a tweet on our four marines killed by a gunman who is taking instructions from an organization that wants to destroy the United States of America. Obama does not know what the word shame means.