I Have Been Waiting A Long Time For This: Obama And His Cronies Are Being Sued In A Federal Class Action Lawsuit Of Inciting A Race War

A couple of days ago I wrote a post that I titled “Obama Has Been Badmouthing Our Nations Cops For The Last Seven Years: He’s Now Trying To Make Nice Which Is A Farce” over at http://www.facebook.com/johnapappasblog. There have been many civilizations that have fallen for one reason or another throughout history and I have started to believe that the majority view among most people in the United States is that will never happen here when in fact its happening right before our very eyes caused by this Marxist president with the Muslim name of Obama in following his mentors written instructions on how to socialize a society and that is straight out of the books of Saul Alinsky. Obama is attempting to fulfill his mission of socializing America and what better ways to do that but to cause hatred on our cops throughout America by constantly badmouthing them but the day I have been waiting for has arrived Obama and his cronies are being sued by the federal government for doing just that, purposely inciting a race war in the United States of America.

The following was posted by Sam Rolley, published by Personal Liberty: “President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, professional race-baiter Al Sharpton, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement are all named as the defendants in a federal class action lawsuit which alleges they’ve initiated race war in the United States.”

“The lawsuit, seeking more than $2 billion in damages, accuses the defendants of violating the civil rights of law enforcement officers, promoting terrorism and aiding and abetting murder.”

“The defendants…have publicly incited people to violence with the fiction that police officers and other law enforcement are intentionally and systematically targeting and hunting blacks and other minorities to kill them for no reason other than racism or sport,” the complaint said.”

You just cant imagine how fantastic this makes me feel and should make you also. Millions of us bloggers throughout the United States have repeatedly been writing about this and now there is actually a federal class action lawsuit against this disgusting president who pretends that he is an American and at the same time attempting to destroy the very ones who are our protectors, our police force. May God be watching and rid the United States of America of these traitors. May God Bless America.