Beyond Belief: Since 2010 The Obama Administration Has Not Been Screening Nearly 400,000 Immigrants For The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Just a few days ago Secretary of State John Kerry was bragging of the fact that as of June 12, there were an estimated 5,211 Syrian refugees that have entered the United States and the goal of 10,000 will be meant by Sept 30. So Obama and his cronies are really pushing these Syrian refugees to migrate into the United States and from I have been reading all the diseases that come with them. I guess the left wing nuts don’t object for their kids going to school with refugees that have arrived from Syria and all other regions of the Middle East sitting right across from their own children not knowing what diseases that they might possibly be carrying. Naturally Obama has never advised We The People as to what are the determining factors of which states and cities they will be sent to. The ones who have been following all this know what the determining factors are, Obama is changing the demographics of the United States to favor the Democrat vote. This is not hard to figure out. These refugees can care less about our Constitution or system of government that we have, give them free stuff and they will vote Democrat for life.

The following was posted by Michael Patrick Leahy, published by American Action News: “None of the estimated 400,000 refugees who have entered the United States since 2010 were screened for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in their overseas medical screenings, thanks to a change in federal regulations made by the Obama administration that year.”

“Even though all refugees are encouraged to participate in an initial domestic medical screening that does include HIV testing within 90 days of entering the country, no one knows how many HIV positive refugees have arrived in the United States in the subsequent six and a half years, since participation in these screenings is voluntary and a significant percentage of refugees simply choose not to be screened.”

“The number of HIV positive refugees who have entered the country since 2010 may be at least 2,000, or approximately 350 per year, and is probably significantly higher.”

A very important factor we must never forget as long as Obama is a wild man of opening our doors to all these different diseases that can enter our homeland within all these refugees we know for a fact there are ISIS plants coming here for a mission of destroying you and me and yet Obama continues to allow this to happen. Now you tell me, is that the sign of a mad man or not? But you must understand, throughout history all dictators are mad and in the end, their day had come.