Baseball Is Always Looking For Ways To Keep The Sport Interesting And What Better Way But To Hit Many Home Runs

Baseball the sport that has always been my passion. When I was a youngster I breathed and talked base ball. I was going to play for the New York Yankees of course and I acted the part but naturally I was not acting, I was playing for real. When school recessed for the summer my parents knew exactly where I was from morning to night, no I am not over exaggerating. I was lucky to be living across from a baseball field and my friends would ring the doorbell in the morning and make sure I was ready to go on the baseball field. Hit and field all day long and sometimes play a game among ourselves. Hitting the ball into the trees in our case was a feeling only a youngster with the love of baseball can understand. The excitement of watching a home run itself was not only for the player of the game but it also became an expectancy for the fan. I would say the home run became a very popular version of the game when Babe Ruth converted from being a pitcher to a hitter with the Boston Red Soxs when he was traded to the New York Yankees. Since then the home run has excited crowds with the ultimate achievement and the home run was always there to save the sport of baseball.

The following was posted by Dylan Gwinn, published by Breitbart: “Then again, it’s often said that baseball did create the conditions necessary for the power surge in the summer of 1998, by turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the rampant and obvious steroid abuse that was taking place in clubhouses throughout the league.”

“So how is it then? That over twenty years later, with the “steroid era” a supposed relic of baseball’s past, that some of baseball’s longest standing home run records are falling like dominoes?”

“While there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that younger, powerful hitters are also leaving their mark on the game. One only needs to look at these numbers provided earlier this year by Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci, to see that the baseball itself is behaving differently than we’ve ever seen before.”

“Through July 4th, there were eight home runs hit at 90 MPH or less, versus only three in 2018. However, on balls hit hard, 450 feet or farther, the ball being used in 2019 greatly outperformed the 2018 ball. Through July 4th of this year, there were 100 home runs hit 450 feet or farther. In 2018, during the entire season, there were only 82 home runs hit that hard.”

“None of this is to take away from the skill of the modern hitter. Yes, MLB players have adjusted to the high four-seam fastball. Yes, MLB is currently fielding a whole generation of players schooled in an upward swing that happens to be timed perfectly to combat modern pitching.”

“However, whether it’s the centering of the pill inside the baseball, the slickness of the leather, or any other real or imagined change, the 2019 baseball is behaving far differently than its predecessors, and it’s leading to historic numbers of home runs.”

I guess owners will always involve themselves on how to get more home runs produced for the benefit of having fans come out to the game except the era of steroids which was a bad time for baseball and fans are still arguing the fact if it was a big deal or not for its use. I always felt baseball was one sport you could go to with out seeing artificial means to produce. That era is done with and I hope it stays that way. Mickey Mantle of a past Yankee team did not need any artificial means of hitting a home run, why he just hit the balls out of the stadiums. Thats how I always want to remember the game of baseball!

Sports Teams That Are Allowing Their Spoiled Players To Disrespect Our National Anthem Have Forgotten One Thing: Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You!

From the reading that I have done on the history of the National Anthem it was first played at a sporting event in the late 1880’s but it was not the common thing to do considering it was expensive for the fact you had to get together your own band. Congress didn’t officially adopt the “The Star-Spangled Banner” until 1931 — and by that time it was already a baseball tradition steeped in wartime patriotism. As a child I would go to New York Yankee games with my dad and at times bring along a cousin to Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York hopefully to see Mickey Mantle hit a home run and as they played the National Anthem it was such a feeling of patriotism that most of us still were fulfilled with in those days and after the Anthem was played such a loud roar would erupt and it was time to play ball. Who would have thought that 60 years later a has-been punk quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers by the name of Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee at the playing of the Anthem to stress a political point that does not belong at the playing of a song that has yielded so much sacrifice from fallen and wounded Americans for the reason of allowing all of us to express our opinions of freedom of speech. This action by Kaepernick has been allowed by the Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell which has started to spread to others which caused President Trump to make a statement to remind these clowns that the playing of the Anthem was not to be used for personal political causes. But you see my patriots everything has its price and the Republican Congress is about to take action against these sports teams that show so little respect for our flag and the American people who go to the games for entertainment and to root for their teams and not to be interrupted by these spoiled athletes political causes.

The following was posted by Conservative Tribune, published by the Tea Party Official Site: “As countless players refuse to stand for the national anthem, many patriotic sports fans throughout the country are ready to throw in the towel — and now a proposal in Congress could cut off a major source of funding to the increasingly anti-American teams.”

“According to The Daily Caller, there are currently bills in the U.S. House and Senate which would ban the use of federal funding for the construction of professional sports arenas.”

“The legislation was proposed over the summer, and now has renewed interest as the unpatriotic circus within the NFL continues. Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell introduced the first bill several months ago, and the proposal already has some bipartisan support.”

“The federal government is responsible for a lot of important functions, but financing sports stadiums for multi-million – sometimes billion – dollar franchises is definitely not one of them,” Rep. Russell explained.”

“[F]or the past 17 years, 36 professional athletic stadiums have been built or renovated by federal tax-exempted municipal bonds. This cost taxpayers $3.2 billion dollars,” the Caller explained, citing information from the Brookings Institute.”

This has gone far enough, why should the taxpayer continue to pour out tax dollars if these punks are to continue to show no support for the flag and the Americans who fought for it. I have gotten suspicious with this Kaepernick creep who started all this as of the fact I am wondering if he is in fact acting alone. Right now I have nothing concrete but I have the feeling that this cause of his is not his alone. I believe some organization is funding and pushing his agenda, after all a has-been quarterback needs other sources of income. Maybe one of you patriots have already done homework on this subject but something is not passing the smell test in my mind. Whatever the case may be it has to be exposed and I have a very good feeling I will not be surprised.

I Miss The Mick!

Baseball when I was growing up was the sport of all sports. Little did we know how much it would change. First of all we knew who the players on the team were from year to year. If you were a fan of a contender this was great; if your team was not a winner I guess this was a drawback. Winner or loser you knew the team, it was actually like family. As far as money goes, Mickey Mantle whom I am writing about, his biggest salary was $100,000. The average major league player was not even averaging $20,000. Major league baseball players in those days actually had an off season job to make ends meet. I would go to Yankee Stadium with my Dad and at times bring along a cousin and the general admittance was $3.50 a person. Box seats which were closer to the field were $5.50, bleacher seats out in center field were $1.00. A family lets say of four can at least afford to go to a game. Someone can say people were not making as much money in those days, but at least they could afford to go to a game. Today, if you want to see a game at Yankee Stadium the average price of a ticket is $84 a person. Multiply that by four people and you pay $336 per person. Naturally when you are at the game you will buy food,souvenirs and what have you. Why, because you have to pay for these over paid ballplayers. Its not the ballplayers fault, if the owners are dumb enough to put out that kind of money naturally the ball player is going to take it; the problem is the person who goes to these games has to be more of in the upper middle class range. All sports are into these ridiculous salaries now and I don’t see it changing.

Yes, I miss the Mick. It has been said by many people in the game who have judgment on this that Mickey Mantles first ten years in baseball he probably was the best baseball player that ever lived. The rest of this blog will be all about Mickey and his abilities. We know about his drinking and whatever other weaknesses he had. This is about his speed, accomplishments and his long distance homeruns. All the inserts in this blog is from the book “The Last Boy And The End Of America’s Childhood” by Jane Leavy.

His raw power, the unprecedented alloy of speed and power, spoke directly to our postwar optimism. His father mined Oklahoma’s depths for the lead and zinc that supported the country’s infrastructure and spurred its industrial growth. Mutt’s boy had honest muscles. His ham-hock forearms were wrought by actual work, not weight machines and steroid

He played in twelve World Series in his first fourteen seasons and still holds World Series records for home runs (18), RBIs (40), walks (43), extra-base hits (26), and total bases (123).pg.Preface. He can hit from the right side and left. In other words a switch hitter. He hit 163 homers right handed and 373 homers left handed. He was natural from the right side but naturally he batted more times left handed because he faced more right handed pitchers.

One of my favorite statistics on Mickey was not even homeruns. He could run to first base from the left side in 3.1 seconds. Just look at your watch and watch 3 seconds and imagine someone running to first base in that time line. That is super fast. Some player at one time mentioned the fact that when Mickey ran down the line to first base he sounded like a locomotive. He would have no problem stealing bases and he stole most of the ones he attempted but the Yankee management didn’t want him to steal much because of his bad legs.If you put the number of days together he has lost to injuries he missed a total of two years.

The first game of the 1953 season opened up in Washington with the Yankees vising the Senators. Chuck Stobbs was pitching for the Senators. Mickey is up at the plate. The ball hit his bat traveling at an estimated speed of 110 miles per hour. It headed out of the ballpark toward Fifth Street,NW. The visiting bullpen down the left field line offered an unimpeded view. “Your waiting for it to come down, to go into the crowd,” backup catcher Ralph Houk said. “The next thing it’s over the crowd and out of the stadium. There’s a moment of silence. Everybody is looking that way- even all the infielders on the opposing team and the left fielder. He’s looking for it, and he can’t believe it went out.”The ball had traveled 565 feet.Pg.87 and 89.

“ One of the best athletic bodies I had ever seen, and that was before steroids,” Sundstrom said fifty years later. “He had such beautiful, strong, well- defined muscles.”pg.106. Frank Sundstrom was an assistant at the time of one of Mantles knee surgeries.

By 2001, James, paterfamilias of the stat-geek generation, had conceded that clarity had been all but lost in the numerical dust storm of mutating calculations and shiny new algorithms. But he remained unequivocal in the assessment first published in the 1985 edition of The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract: “Mickey Mantle was, at his peak in 1956-57 and again in 1961-62 a greater player than Willie Mays—and it is not a close difficult decision.”pg.134-135.

Nobody could play baseball better than Mickey Mantle played in 1956. He won the Triple Crown, leading the American League in home runs (52), RBIs (130), and batting average (.353). He was the Sporting News Major League Player of the Year and the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year. He received the Hickok Belt, awarded to the top professional athlete of the year, as well as the first-ever Babe Ruth Sultan of Swat crown as the major leagues’ top

There is so much more to cover on the Mick. But I covered his speed, his power, his superb body without the use of steroids. I saw on TV the ball he almost hit out of Yankee Stadium. He missed it by 18 inches. He played in 12 World Series of which 7 were won. Mickey made baseball fun. His baseball cards are worth more than any other player. Many years after he retired he said that he charges money for autographs to make up for the little money he made as a baseball player. He always had that dry sense of humor. Yes Mickey, I miss you and I know the game of baseball misses you.