If I Were A Reporter At Obama’s Last News Conference.

You lied to the American people that Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video when in fact we had four Americans killed by Al Qaeda which you did not want the American people to know about because you were telling us Al Qaeda was dead and this being just before the presidential election you could not allow the truth to come out.
Is that a phony scandal Mr. President?

The IRS was targeting Tea Party, Conservatives and any organization with the word patriot in it to disallow them their tax exempt status that has been their right to file for such status as other organizations including Democrats had done in the past. This was a process by your cronies to intimidate them and prevent them in large numbers as in 2010 from going to the polls, during the presidential election.
Is this a phony scandal Mr. President?

Spying on a Fox Reporter and listening in on conversations of the Associated Press and your Attorney General denying he knew anything about it but then changed his tune and admitted of the fact that he not only knew about it but approved it.
Is this a phony scandal Mr. President?

Edward Snowden leaked the fact that the National Security Agency has been spying on millions of Americans via phone records from various companies such as Verizon as an example and also has the ability to go through our Emails. Today you mentioned the fact that you had already given the go ahead to reexamine the techniques that were being used by the NSA before Snowmen leaked all this out. You know, I also crawled before I walked.
Is this a phony scandal Mr. President?

So you tell me, out of all these scandals Mr. President, which ones are phony. I say, and the more Congress investigates them that you are petrified; you are petrified because you know as well as I do none of them are phony and its just a matter of time when all these scandals will have their day in court.

United States Has A Gigantic Spy Center

As we all know by now of Edward Snowden, the whistle blower, a CIA employee who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton; a contractor for the National Security Agency who advised America of the collection of hundreds of millions of phone records, that the NSA had collected from the American people. He is a hero to some, a traitor to others; I will withhold judgment until the whole story has unfolded. One thing I do know, this young man did do us a favor by opening up our eyes to the ruthlessness of the Obama Administration, to spy on its own people. If Snowden broke any laws in doing this we will leave it up to the lawyers, but in the mean time you and I have to watch our backs from our own government. I am just wondering how far the government would have gone if Snowden did not blow the whistle.

In regard to the spy center that is being built my reference is from an article from the Associated Press. This center sits just south of Salt Lake City, Utah on a National Guard Base. The buildings are about 1.5 million square feet. They are filled with super powered computers designed to store massive amount of information gathered secretly from phone calls and emails. It looks like the government is really taking it serious of accumulating our phone records and emails.

When this center opens this fall it will be NSA’S largest data storage center in the U.S. There is a lot of secrecy with this project. James Blamford, the author of several books on the NSA, asserts that the facility will serve as the central depository for everything the NSA intercepts. Blamford theorizes the facility will be able to hold a so-called yottabyte of information, the largest measurement computer scientists have. A yottabyte is equal to 500 quintillion pages of text, said Bamford, who believes the Utah Center will store those phone records NSA gathered from Verizon Communications.

Just think how much this spy center will cost. We, the tax payers are paying for this spy center; we are paying for some huge spy center that will enable the government to spy on us, the American people. I would suggest you read that last sentence again so it will sink in.