News Media Tried To Protect Obama And Clinton From Benghazi: The American People Don’t Buy It

There are about six or more on going scandals that Obama is involved in and another one that has both Obama and Hillary Clinton. I should say two because they are both involved also in Fast and Furious.I am very pleased that the American people looked right through the no reporting from the major news media on Benghazi. I have been saddened of the fact that the news media would be so openly involved in corruption and to go out of their way to protect these people. I assume that they have forgotten that in socialistic and communist societies they were the first to go, in other words they would have no competitors, usually there would be one state run newspaper.

This from a Fox News Poll. Some people will say, of course, its Fox. These same people should be happy there is a news outlet out there that reports all the news. I have found from past experiences that when the news outlets don’t give out any poll numbers that’s because they just don’t want to give them to us. They don’t want us to know them.

“Sixty percent of voters blame Clinton for what happened, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday.  That includes 28 percent who blame her “a great deal” and another 32 percent who say she deserves “some” blame.”

“Essentially the same number — 59 percent — blames Obama (26 percent “a great deal” and 33 percent “some”).”

I have mentioned a few times in the past that of all the scandals, Benghazi, when all the facts come out, and they are wholeheartedly investigating it (and all the others) as of this moment non stop, Benghazi will be the one to send some people away. Allowing four of our people to be murdered, Obama and Clinton both going on a two week parade and talking over the caskets of dead Americans that this was all because of a YouTube video. This is so disgusting, these people absolutely have no shame. The reason they have no shame is because they have done things like this before. It has become routine for them. How in the world have we as a country allowed people like this to lead the United States of America? We will persevere, we will not allow these people to get away with it. This is not a Banana Republic, there is only so much the American people will take. Hillary is scared stiff of Benghazi, when Benghazi is finished she won’t be talking about the presidency, she will be hiring a lawyer.

The News Media

When Mitt Romney was running for President he called a press conference to discuss a statement he had made on Benghazi. As the reporters were waiting for Romney they had not realized that there was a microphone open. What that microphone did was capture the reporters discussing coordinating questions for Romney; one reporter saying “no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question”. This is a sample of collusion if I ever saw one. Reporters sitting from different companies conspiring to ask Romney the same question, to make sure he answers the question. This is where we have come to. I am one to always protect the first amendment to the Constitution, but who is going to protect candidates running for office from a gang up, and the other candidate being protected from such scrutiny. Is that kind of scrutiny protected in the Constitution? maybe so, I am not a lawyer, but it might not be protected in a court of law if pursued. Remember that word I used in the beginning, “collusion”.

Lets go to basics and relate it to todays reporting. News reporters basic rules of reporting; I even learned this in grade school. They are called the five W’s.
Who is it about
What happened
When did it take place
Where did it take place
Why did it happen
Lets go back to the example I started with on Romney’s news conference. The five W’s were already answered before it started. It’s about Benghazi, in this instance it’s about the statement Romney made. It took place a few day’s before. It took place by Romney making a statement to reporters. Romney made the statement because he felt the President was not being clear to the American people about what happened in Benghazi, and to this day Obama is still lying. So all the W’s were already answered and there is no doubt that these reporters did not like the idea that Romney was questioning Obama and they wanted to embarrass him.

This is the same press that has protected Obama from the beginning. In my life time the news media has always given more coverage to the Democrats, which was always good coverage, but they reported the news. They would not take the Democratic candidate to the woodshed but at least they did report the news for each candidate, maybe not as wholeheartedly for the Republican, but they did report it. The following is from the book” Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. “Only a free press could check abuses of executive power, Hamilton asserted.Hamilton added that “men the most zealous reverers of the people’s rights have, when placed on the highest seat of power, become their most deadly oppressors. It becomes therefore necessary to observe the actual conduct of those who are thus raised up”. pg669 As you can see Hamilton is talking about if the person is already President. In Obama’s case his whole persona was covered up as a candidate and the other candidate’s persona was blown up like a balloon. Is this right for the public to know about one candidate, but Obama’s affiliations with Communists, Marxist( and he is one) a Rev.Wright and a terrorist through the years were not reported by the major news media; totally ignored to make sure he wins the Presidency? This is still going on as Obama is President by the news media hiding the truths about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, hiding his school records so the American people can possibly find out that he came to this country as a foreign exchange student, his birth certificate has been possibly proven a forgery. The news media is staying away from these like the plague and only the investigative reporters are looking into it. Fox News that the liberals hate, don’t even have the guts to pursue this.

There are some serious issues here in regard to news reporting. If a reporter has information on a candidate do they not have the obligation to report it to the public? because it is that reporters job classification to report all the news they know about a candidate, especially if they are reporting all the news of the candidate that they do not favor. The US Constitution protects us with freedom of speech, but it does not protect a reporter from holding back information about one candidate, but reporting everything they know about the other. If this continues America will continue to move towards a Marxist society, because most of the main stream press falls into that category.