Obama Better Be Taking Serious The Fact The Terrorist Group ISIS Wants To Attack The United States

This terrorist group called ISIS which has been on the move to take over Iraq, you cannot sugarcoat a word to describe what they are.They kill Christians who don’t want to convert to their religion. The most disgusting travesty that I am witnessing for the first time in my lifetime is that they are taking and butchering innocent babies and displaying pictures of this happening all over the Internet and the world as though they are justified in what they are doing. and making fun of Christians by rubbing these pictures in their faces. No I am not going to sugarcoat the fact that these animals are bastards and barbarians. Bob Beckel who is known for being a liberal on the program “The Five” on Fox News said the following: “I say for everyone one of us they kill we take two of them.”

This is what one of the ISIS terrorist said recently, “we will raise black flag over White House.” I remember when Bin Laden declared war on the United States in the late 1990’s, President Clinton treated it as some kind of a joke from a nut job, well people thought Hitler was nuts also. If we start to have terrorist bombings in our country the blood will be on Obama’s hands considering he is sacrificing having a secured southern border to allow tens of thousands of illegal kids in just to change the future demographics of America. Obama is not telling We The People what is really going on at the border and he knows there are terrorists coming in. This is criminal and treacherous.

The following is from a post by Atlas Shrugs of Pamela Geller: “All this is happening against the backdrop of President Obama’s refusal to admit that the global jihad even exists. John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, even denies that jihad is a motive for jihadists.”

“But since that report, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has DENIED that there is any “credible evidence” that any terrorists have crossed over. So the reporter took another look — and the evidence he found is even worse than originally revealed. He found that 300 terrorists from the Somali Al Queda group Al-Shabaab — the group behind the terror attack at the Kenyan shopping mall last September – have entered the U.S. and are unaccounted for.” How many more are there you think. You know we are not stupid, that border is so unsecured now that if they know about these 300 for being a fact how about thousands they don’t know about.

We have terrorists based in our country right now and there are more crossing our southern border daily disguised as Mexicans. Obama should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to go on. For the people who follow what’s going on you know what’s going to happen next, right in our own country, they will start their suicide mission’s in whatever fashion they have been ordered to do so. This ISIS group is piling up money from cities they have captured, from the banks that they have robbed money. They already have millions of dollars of cash. They are hiring recruits from all around the world to continue their mission and their prime mission is to attack America and here you have Obama allowing our borders to be open and subject to these terrorists filtering in. This is not becoming of the President of the United States, this is a traitor to allow America to be in such danger. The Republicans must take control of the Congress in November so Obama can be impeached and for We The People to take our country back. I know and you should be concerned that America is not safe We demand answers and we need the American people to wake up and start asking them.

America Needs The Reagan Democrats

We must take America back! This is just not a campaign slogan; its as real as real can be today. I warned Democrats that were going to vote for Obama what would happen. I have mentioned this so many times in other posts and I will keep on mentioning until maybe some Democrat out there will admit to the fact that they voted for a die hard socialist with Marxist emphasis. The ones that don’t see this are the left wing radicals of the Democratic Party. To take our country back we don’t have to include them in the formula. They are in their own socialist world. We have to concentrate on the five million conservatives who did not vote in the last election. They stayed home for whatever reasons; I use to tell any conservative that did not intend to vote because they didn’t like Romney of the fact that Romney was a capitalist; Obama was a socialist with Marxist influence. The outcome was five million stayed home. I use to say that many of the Tea Party voters stayed home because of Romney, that might have been one of the main reasons until the IRS scandal broke out and as we found out with the events still unfolding as I am writing the IRS intiminated the Tea Party by going after them. The IRS has also gone after conservative political groups, religious groups and any group that expressed the word Patriotism in its format. Can you imagine this in the United States of America. It was just a matter of time. Obama as I have said many times in my writing all through his life has hung around radicals, such as Socialists, Marxists, a terrorist such as Bill Ayers and a crazy Rev.Wright. So put this formula together and what do you get? a Constitutional crisis.

We need Democrats to bring our country back of the type that went for President Ronald Reagan in his two elections. They were called Democrats for Reagan. These Democrats are out there today, they don’t like what they are seeing. We need a candidate to attract these Democrats the same way President Reagan did. I have attached from Wikipedia the explanation of what was the Reagan Democrat. As you read it you will see the similarities of the reasons they went for Reagan and some similarities that are in todays political environment.

The Reagan Democrat From Wikipedia

The term can also be used to describe moderate Democrats who are more conservative than liberal on certain issues like national security and immigration. The term Reagan Democrat also refers to the vast sway that Reagan held over the House of Representatives during his presidency, even though the house had a Democratic majority during both of his terms.[1] The term also hearkens back to Richard Nixon’s Silent Majority; a concept that Ronald Reagan himself used during his political campaigns in the 1970s.

The work of Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg is a classic study of Reagan Democrats. Greenberg analyzed white ethnic voters (largely unionized auto workers) in Macomb County, Michigan, just north of Detroit. The county voted 63 percent for John F. Kennedy in 1960, but 66 percent for Reagan in 1980. He concluded that “Reagan Democrats” no longer saw Democrats as champions of their working class aspirations, but instead saw them as working primarily for the benefit of others: the very poor, feminists, the unemployed, African Americans, Latinos, and other groups. In addition, Reagan Democrats enjoyed gains during the period of economic prosperity that coincided with the Reagan administration following the “malaise” of the Carter administration. They also supported Reagan’s strong stance on national security and opposed the 1980s Democratic Party on such issues as pornography, crime, and high taxes.[1]

Many self-styled Reagan Democrats claim to be fiscal conservatives but still support many aspects of the core programs of the New Deal and the Great Society, while also supporting Ronald Reagan’s strong defense policies as well as his optimism in American culture. Some elements of the Tea Party fit this sketch[citation needed], but many other independents and Democrats could fall into the same category as well. It’s become a broad term, but that does not diminish the explanatory power behind it. One of the most prominent self-styled Reagan Democrats includes Virginia Senator Jim Webb,[3] whom columnist David Paul Kuhn asserts is the quintessential Reagan Democrat and one of the last of an ‘endangered species’ within the Democratic Party.[4]

As you have read above the Reagan Democrats were disenchanted with their party. I see the same parallel today. The Reagan Democrat knew that you needed the business person to provide the jobs. They know that from day one Obama has been putting the working person against the business person. This is text Karl Marx warfare. The Reagan democrat knows that a country cannot survive with that kind of ideology. There are many differences in the two parties as it is we don’t need a President to put the employee, against the employer, in other words don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party and others. We can disagree on issues but we cannot lose our country to Marxism. We have to get that candidate again that believes in the American dream, not suppress it. If God is still on our side, if He is forgiving, because America has strayed in His Eyes, He will give us that candidate who will unite us all. He will give us today’s version of the Reagan Democrat.

Afghanistan: A Vietnam Phenomenon

Two of the most talked about words, what if? How many times have we used those words in our personal lives? Naturally throughout conclusions in history, what if has been a constant. My favorites are, what if in ancient Greece, Athens and Sparta did not spend all that time fighting with each other, how mighty would the Greek Empire have been? and how much longer would it have lasted? What if President Abraham Lincoln had allowed the states to succeed from the union, would there ever have been a United States of America once that was allowed to happen? What if Adolf Hitler was a peaceful leader and used the scientific intelligence of Germany for peaceful exploration, where would Germany be today?

What if President John Kennedy had lived? would he have allowed Vietnam to become such a disaster? Before he got killed he had confided to some in his administration that Vietnam was his biggest puzzlement. I believe that if President Kennedy would have lived he would have either done one of two things: he would not have ever sent many troops there, or if he did he would have allowed them to fight and finish the war as quickly as possible. President Lyndon Johnson who became President after Kennedy got killed sent 500,000 American troops there and did not allow them to fight to their fullest capacity. The yellowbelly that Johnson was, he would hold them back at certain borders because he was always afraid of what would China do if our troops were allowed to cross into certain borders or bomb more heavily. The Vietnam war got to be so troublesome to him that it caused him not to run for reelection.

Richard Nixon is now President and he had promised the American people that he would end the war. What if the actions he finally took he had done early on? The news media always like to say we lost that war, whereas in fact our troops did not lose that war, it was the Congress of the United States that lost the war. President Nixon finally had enough. He got tired of the Viet Cong always lying to him. Over Christmas he ordered the constant bombing of Hanoi which went for two weeks, and he minded Hanoi Harbor; Nixon’s distractors thought that the President had lost it.What in fact happened was that the Viet Cong went back to the negotiating table and worked out a deal that South Vietnam and North Vietnam went back to their borders, and the war was ended. The main thing that President Nixon’s predecessor President Johnson was so worried about that China would enter the war if we expanded the war, never happened.

What if President Nixon remained President instead of resigning because of Watergate, would the Congress of the United States have taken the action they did? They stopped all funding for the Vietnam war, and President Gerald Ford did not have enough votes to override the veto. That allowed the Viet Cong to invade South Vietnam again and this time it didn’t take them long to overrun the whole country. All the sacrifice our troops had done was in vain.

We now have the Vietnam phenomenon in Afghanistan. The news media had labeled Afghanistan the good war, whereas Iraq with President Bush was the bad war. I will write on a future blog about President Bush and the two wars. In the meantime we must remember the differences between the Vietnam war and Afghanistan. We were worried that if we lost Vietnam it would set off a domino effect ,and we would lose all of Asia. If we lose Afghanistan what will happen is that the Taliban will go back in and they will bring with them al-Qaeda. The Taliban has been holding back ever since President Obama started with his time lines to get out. Why would the enemy just not sit it out and wait for us to get out. As far as getting out, Obama is prematurely planning for our troops to come home. Obama wants to hurry up and use this new found money of not having to support the troops for his welfare agenda and entitlement programs here at home, so he can continue to put the rope around the small business persons head, and continue to lead into Marxism. In the meantime he forgets that this war in Afghanistan was not about domino theory’s, it’s about the enemy wanting to kill us, or anyone that does not accept their religion for that matter, the infidels, that is you and me. If we lose Afghanistan that will make it easier for the Taliban to expand, and the next stop might even be in Iraq, and they even might team up with Iran which means a bloodier war in the future.

Obama is doing the United States a great injustice by prematurely leaving Afghanistan. All we needed in Afghanistan was the fortitude to continue on with great strength and put the enemy away instead of allowing them to get a foothold again which they have; they are in and they are just waiting for us to leave. When Obama was running for President the first time, he told the American People that he would never allow Afghanistan to be defeated; he has lied again.

Obama To Hillary To Rice

    Susan Rice the UN Ambassador withdrew her name from consideration of being nominated for Secretary of State because she has become a political football. She only has ones self to blame for becoming a political football. For some reason which we are still trying to get answers for, you have an UN Ambassador going on five Sunday talk shows to tell the American people and the world that the Benghazi killings was caused by a YouTube video, when in fact it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that turned down this roll of not going to all the talk shows; this really fascinates me for the fact that Hillary Clinton will never turn down a reason for showing herself all over the TV cameras. As we have found out in the meantime, is the fact that this attack was not caused by a riot or a YouTube video, it was caused by a terrorist organization, and Obama, Clinton, and Rice knew this, because they were watching all this activity unfold in real time. The question is who pushed Susan Rice out there on these Sunday talk shows, and who told her what to say. It is clear Susan Rice could not have decided to do this on her own. So who was it and why? The President has stated that if they are to go after someone they should go after him, so come on Mr. President, lets have the truth.There was a Presidential election coming up, and everything that was said about this attack had to be in lock step, so Hillary Clinton didn’t want to do it because as we found out her department messed up as we saw when she claimed later that she would accept full responsibility for what happened. You see the President was trying to convince the American people that since Bin Laden was killed we had destroyed the effectiveness of Al-Qaida. The President did not want to show to the American people that Al-Qaida was very active, so Obama through Hillary, sent a UN Ambassador, Susan Rice out there to the five Sunday talk shows to do their dirty work and do their lying. So now Susan Rice has the audacity to say that she is withdrawing her name because others have made her a political football.


Why Mitt Romney lost; where do we go from here?

This was a Presidential Election Mitt Romney should have won going away. What with 7.9% unemployment, millions gave up and left the work force, employers laying off because of Obama care taxes, worst recovery in US history, six trillion dollars in new debt, US deficit hit 120 billion dollars in October, majority of Americans have said that the US is on the wrong track. When Obama won the Presidency he stated that if he did not fix the economy by the end of his first term he should be a one term President. With the above statistics, I could have run for President and win. So what went wrong?

Lets start with Obama care. In my letter of Jan 8th, 2012, titled “Why did Michele lose in Iowa”, I gave a critique of the remaining Republican Candidates running for President, and here is what I wrote about Mitt Romney. “I can’t even imagine what is going to happen in the debates with Obama when the issue of health care comes up. Romney has stressed that he would repeal Obama care. For the life of me, can you imagine in the debate on this issue”. Naturally, the reason I stated that, was because Romney initiated health care when he was Governor of Massachusetts. This was the issue, the majority of the American people, polls show, want Obama care in its present form repealed, and replaced by a better health care program. Yes, Romney said many times that the first act as President he would repeal Obama care, but even a Romney supporter like myself, did not feel comfortable hearing it from him, never mind an undecided voter. Romney had to take it off the table; an issue that could have been our biggest weapon. This issue should have been ours in the debates, even though it rarely came up, it should have been brought up by our candidate, instead of hoping it wouldn’t come up.

I have stressed many times how Obama care will have a crippling effect on our economy, I will not write about it here; what I will write about is the people who think they have it made in the shade, that Obama care will not effect them, either because they are wealthy, they have a present insurance policy that is great, etc., etc. So you think because you are wealthy you are exempt from the deficiencies of Obama care. You think you are safe because your present union retirement plan is a Cadillac Plan. Obama care is non tried, there is so much to learn about it yet. This insurance plan will revamp the whole insurance industry. What if your Cadillac Plan becomes a Studebaker Plan? (I know, I am showing my age) How are you so sure that when the dust settles on Obama care, your present Cadillac Plan will stay the same. You see, they will have review boards of non-Doctors, which Sarah Palin rightly labeled “Death Panels”. You can be wealthy, you can have your Cadillac Plan, you can be an intellectual , an elitist, whatever you are presently labeled. If you are seventy years of age, and you need a hip replacement, guess what, your life is not productive any more, you wait in the back of the line, behind the younger people. Now, doesn’t that make you feel wonderful? I will suggest to anyone who is presently of the higher age bracket to get any surgery taken care of now, do not wait till the dust is settled, because you might be left with just a dust pan. This important issue was left out of the public debate. Why?, because Romney could not talk about it with confidence.

I like Paul Ryan tremendously, but he should not have been picked as Vice-President. As soon as Paul Ryan was picked, the team of Romney and Ryan had to start talking about the fact they were not going to hurt Medicare. What kind of nonsense was this? With the majority of the public being in the “give me” mode, these guys are talking about anyone who is presently on Medicare will not be cut , but anyone under 55 years of age will receive a voucher. This was terrible. I talked in another paper that Republicans should stay off the issues of entitlements. Fix the economy that I was sure Romney could do, then you could get into fixing and safe guarding the entitlements. My Vice- Presidential pick would have been Marco Rubio. In my letter of Sept 2011, titled,”Lets Take One Step Back, Take A Deep Breath And Think” I said this. “It has been said that there are about 12 million illegal’s in the country. I said there are more like 20 million. Are we to round up 20 million people like they would do in Nazi Germany, and in your communist countries, and ship them out even though they are now established? When President Bush ran for reelection he had 40% of the Hispanic vote, Romney was only able to pick up 27%. President Bush put a bill in for comprehension immigration reform that his own party did not back; don’t you think the Hispanics were appreciative of that. Marco Rubio would have made a big difference in the final vote, maybe even swing the election.

Romney made the statement of the fact there are 47% of Americans presently collecting some kind of entitlements. He forgot that in this group are Social Security and Medicare recipients. I just don’t understand why a statement like that was even necessary. To me it sounds like a defeatist kind of statement. It sounds to me like he is saying, “with that kind of entitlement consumption how can I win? That followed him around for the rest of the campaign, and he even had to come out and admit it was a mistake.

Now you have Hurricane Sandy and Governor Chris Christie.(Every time I think of Chris Christie he reminds me of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, I think it’s something about his name, you think?) I understand the fact that the Hurricane stopped Romney’s message for about five days, but that does not mean that Christie had to in an obvious fashion kiss Obama’s rare end for help to his state. When a State declares a national disaster it automatically receives the aid that is warranted. The least Christie could have done is invite Romney to the state, which he did not. You think he wanted to be picked for Vice-President?

The third and final debate looked to me like a football team, at the end of the game protecting its lead, and instead of going for more points and playing aggressive the other team catches up and gets the final touch down to beat them. That was what Romney did in that last debate. He should have played hard ball. He should have brought up the Benghazi Attack. He should have asked the President, “Mr. President, why did you send out your UN Ambassador to five Sunday talk shows to lie to the American People that the attack was due to a you tube Video, when in fact you knew from the start it was a terriosts attack? Every day there is new information coming out on Benghazi, why are you not straight with the American people?. Just like in selling cars, Romney did not close the deal. He really thought he was going to win, but even if that’s the case, you go for the home run.

Where do we go from here? Socialism is a late starter in America. Woodrow Wilson wanted to plant the seeds, but war and a stroke interrupted his plan. Franklin Roosevelt started our country towards socialism. Many entitlements came after him in the form of helping the people whereas its disguised as power grab. We give to the people, they vote for us. I said many times, you can’t take a entitlement away once its implemented. President Kennedy said “ Its not what the country can do for you, its what you can do for the country”. My, has that changed. The Democrats have taught the people its all about what I can do for you, as long as you keep voting for me. People just do not understand what this does to business, and they don’t want to know as long as they get their freebees. Their attitude is let the business person just raise prices to cover any new entitlement. They don’t understand that the 6 rolls of paper towels that you now pay fifteen Dollars for will become thirty five Dollars if this pace continues. Socialism such as in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany; why do you think they no longer have powerful Military’s?, its because the expense of entitlements have taken over in those countries, and one thing you must never forget, there are people out there who want to kill us, that is real, it is not fantasy.

How would the entitlement peoples attitude have changed? I should say, wanting of more entitlements, Mitt Romney I am sure would have fixed our economy. When the country is prospering and you have a job, your attitude changes to optimism. This is how we get our country back. Mitt and Ann Romney are good and honest people, I got to like them a lot. I am thrilled that my Grandson saw Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in person. We will prevail. The conservative movement is not dead. They thought it was dead until Ronald Reagan came on the scene. We will save our country, the right person will come along, and when you come right to it, It’s Gods call, isn’t it?

I have been asked by some of the people that I had friendly debates during the last few years, as to how I an coping with the lost? Naturally I say, just fine, there will be another day. What I want to tell them is this: Twenty years ago I lost my wife Susie of twenty-three years, my business of fifteen years, and my Mother, all within one years time, and within the second year I lost also someone else very dear to me. Do I think maybe God was telling me something, I thing yes. I will be okay, it’s the United States of America I am worried about now. May God bless our great United States of America.

President Obama’s Obsession With Taxing The Rich

   President Obama is still obsessed with taxing the rich. It has been established that increasing the upper two percent of the rich will only fund the United States for six days, so why the importance of this step? This is part of his downgrading of our country. The rich are rich because they are able to move their money around. The President knows taxing the rich will not help the poor, because the wealthy will only find another place to put their liquid assets, and will not expand the businesses they have now, which means not only will they not hire, but they will lay off.

    This is his continuance of class warfare on the American people, which will lead to socialism, which is his agenda.