The War On United States Fossil Fuels Must End Or We Will Lose Our Republic

Presently the United States gets 81% of its energy from oil, coal and natural gas and for the first time in 70 years President Donald Trump made the United States energy independent where America was not dependent on foreign oil and in fact America became a big exporter of these resources around the world. Now you tell me why anyone would want to take America out of this condition unless they wanted to destroy America and then along comes China Joe Biden. He has done exactly that by suppressing everything President Trump accomplished for the energy industry because he is controlled by the Green New Deal as are all the radical left in the Marxist Democratic Party. 

The following was posted by Jim Hoft, published by Gateway Pundit: “Victor Davis Hanson joined Tucker Carlson on Friday night to discuss the Biden Administrations energy policies.”

“Hanson laid out with evidence how Biden’s policies to destroy energy production in America is devastating to the middle class and frankly immoral.”

“Victor Davis Hanson: I think we have the morality upside-down, Tucker. The Green morality of this green nirvana that hasn’t arrived yet is immoral. Because when you have plentiful oil and it’s moderately priced then you empower the middle class. They can drive to work, they can heat their homes. You’re not involved in Middle East or Eastern European hot spots over energy. Or your friends and neutrals have affordable gas and oil in Europe. And we can do it a lot more environmentally sound in the west as Russia or Iran. But when you don’t, you get involved in optional Middle East Wars or in a time of inflation the middle class can’t heat their homes, etc.”

“If I was in control of the largest oil and gas producer in the history of civilization, as Joe Biden was. And I really did not believe that all of that was good. I would do the following. I would take ANWR and a million barrels off the market. I would take the Keystone Pipeline and cancel it and sacrifice a million barrels coming from Canada. I would cancel all federal leases, and I would not have another million or two barrels. I would jawbone banks not to lend to frackers and horizontal drillers. I would tell some of our closest friends, the Greeks, the Cypriots, the Israelis, we don’t want you sending cheap natural gas into Italy to help energy for Europe. And then I would cancel any criticism of the Russian-German pipeline. And if I did all of that I guess I would deliberately trying to hurt the middle class, our allies and empower people with petrodollars like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.”

It is very obvious that this is what China Joe Biden, and his Marxist cronies are doing. When Russia attacked Ukraine the first thig that slimeball John Kerry was concerned about was not the fact that Putin attacked Ukraine but the fact as to not slow down climate change. Here is what moron John Kerry said in an interview with BBC Arabic “‘Now it’s thawing, and his infrastructure is at risk,’ he added. ‘And the people of Russia are at risk. And so I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” 

These people are crazy whereas Kerry is more concerned about continuing climate change than the people who will get killed in war. Now because of Biden destroying our energy industry we are now at the mercy of buying oil from Russia and keeping him wealthy in the meantime when in fact under President Trump we were becoming the biggest exporters in the world and helping our economy and the middleclass in the meantime and that’s why the Marxist’s worked so hard to create the stolen election to rid America of President Trump and look what we get instead, a timid, senile old man who will destroy the United States of America, China Joe Biden. 


It’s A Very Good Possibility That Russia Has 20,000 Of Hillary’s Emails: That would Spell Automatic Prison Time

The drip, drip, drip is still dripping in regard to Hillary’s emails. You see once you attempt to suppress a lie that has many avenues to the truth the only road block standing in its way would be Hillary and she is no longer able to control the narrative. There are too many people who now have access to Hillary’s emails who were able to hack them. She has lost control, its just a matter of time when the dam will break, right now its a vicious storm. Last week I reported the fact of the hacker under FBI custody from Romania who reported that he had a very easy time breaking into Hillary’s emails. Now you have president Putin of Russia who claims he has 20,000 of Hillary’s emails and is debating if he should release them or not.

The following was published by Conservative Intel: “The Kremlin is considering whether or not to release some 20,000 hacked Clinton emails reportedly in its possession.”

“Russian security services apparently obtained the emails as part of their investigation into the Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, known as “Guccifer” — now in U.S. custody in relation to the Clinton email scandal.”

The following was published by The Horn News: “Clinton’s failure to safeguard classified information appears to be a clear and serious violation of the Espionage Act. The relevant part of the law, 18 USC 793, says that anyone who handles important national security documents with “gross negligence,” so that they are “delivered to anyone,” or “lost,” or “stolen,” is guilty of a felony.”

“The guilty party “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.”

In the eyes of the law it doesn’t matter if Hillary didn’t have intent although I am sure she did have a motive such as hiding what really happened in Benghazi as her motive for using her own personal server because she would be able to control anything and everything that she would want to keep away from We The People. But put aside motive for the time being just for Hillary being negligent, just the fact that she neglected to secure thousands of national secrets on her possession is considered breaking the law and that would be prison time for Hillary.

Why Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for president considering she has all these investigations over her head is just too much for me to comprehend. This is how the socialist main stream media controls who will be prosecuted in the press and who would not. You know darn well that if this was a Republican running for president under the same scenario him or her would be crucified in the press already. We The People have one thing going for us versus the criminality of Hillary Clinton, the facts are leaking out if the main stream media likes it or not. That’s why there are millions of people like myself writing blogs with each new piece of information. Hillary, this time you screwed up big time.