Valerie Jarrett Was In The Situation Room During The Benghazi Attack: Not The President

Somewhere around 5 P.M. Washington time President Obama was told face to face from Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey that Benghazi was under attack. Obama cannot claim otherwise. This was a full scale attack of nothing being mentioned about a riot and he was advised as such.
After that meeting Obama went to the White House to dine in his quarters.

After dinner Obama had a telephone conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Senior Adviser to the President, Valerie Jarrett was present. The telephone call was very extensive, lasting two hours. This call was initiated because of the perception of Obama snubbing Netanyahu in previous formal encounters.

We are finding out now that Valerie Jarrett wears many hats, why she might as well be president. She also holds a title “Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs” she goes to the situation room, where the attack was monitored by Dempsey, Panetta and other top-ranking officials. Why didn’t Obama go? Was it way above his pay grade? Why did it have to be Jarrett except we are starting to put the pieces together. We have something backwards here. This shows you what kind of weight Jarrett has, just to have clearance to be in the situation room.

So as the events were unfolding in Benghazi, the military wanted to take appropriate action to save American lives; someone had to give the order to stand down. Obama was nowhere to be found and Jarrett was in the situation room. The post from “Conservative Report,” written by Chip Jones mentions that the military-order, not to initiate action, was issued by the Presidents adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

If this is true it makes the Benghazi mess even worst. Where was Obama? Why was he hiding from the situation room and if Jarrett really gave the order to stand down, why top ranked Generals of the United States even listened to her? The President is the only one who can give such an order and if Jarrett, not even an elected official was allowed to give such an order, that would be an even bigger crime than anyone could have envisioned. Yes, this is bad, this investigation must go on to its conclusive end. We definitely have a Constitutional crisis not any one in their wildest imagination could have ever envisioned.

Obama Calls Netanyahu Of Israel Which Means Israel Did Not Take Part In The Iran Deal

For Obama to have to call Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and for Netanyahu to show concern with the details of the deal reached between the U.S. and five other world leaders to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting some sanctions shows me that Netanyahu was not part of the discussions. Now someone can tell me to get real, do I actually expect Israel to be part of any discussions? Iran would never settle for anything. Okay I understand that, but keep in mind there is such a thing as a back room where Obama can keep the Prime Minister informed as to where the deal is heading. This is so hard to comprehend, Iran that has threatened on numerous occasions that they would wipe Israel off the face of the earth, were not a part of or informed as to the contents of the deal.

Obama goes from one bad decision to another on Foreign policy because he is trying his best on some issue to be successful with which because of desperation of that need leaves himself unsuccessful and makes himself the fool of the world community.

Speaking to his Cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the world had become a “more dangerous place” as a result of the deal and reiterated a long-standing threat to use military action against Iran if needed, declaring that Israel “has the right and the duty to defend itself by itself.”

Here is part of the agreement: The statement said the deal limits Iran’s existing stockpiles of enriched uranium, and curbs the number and capabilities of the centrifuges used to enrich and would limit Iran’s ability to produce “weapons-grade plutonium” from a reactor in the advanced stages of construction. It also said there would be “intrusive monitoring” of Iran’s nuclear program.

This is not going go happen. Iran does not want a nuclear program for peaceful means.The U.S. should not have been part of these talks.Israel is our key ally in the middle east and this agreement only gives Iran more time to prepare for all out war and develop its nuclear program. Don’t give me this baloney that there will be inspectors monitoring development’s. Don’t you think Iran knows this and has prepared itself accordingly? What I want to see and someone explain to me is if this agreement doesn’t work how do you get all the countries to vote in favor of sanctions again? Russia and China I guarantee you will not vote to enforce sanctions a second time. Obama someday will learn some common sense and stop allowing these countries over there to outwit him. I’m afraid Obama the professor has still not learned how to be Obama the president.