President Obama! Man Up And Stop Using The Race Card

I am asking president Obama to man up and stop using the race card.In an interview with New Yorker’s David Remnick Obama said his approval ratings are low because some American’s “don’t like the idea of a black president.” Really Obama? is this an instance where you are stirring the pot as you have been doing during your presidency on race, or is it a case of downright immaturity?

I can’t understand for the life of me,( a Harvard graduate no doubt, no one even remembers seeing him at Columbia) how he can even say that, considering he won the presidency twice with the help of the white vote. So now Obama is blaming race for his shortcomings. I knew eventually it would come to that because Obama has been race baiting before with others but now he put himself in the fold.

Lets go over a few events and circumstances just to bring us up to speed. Lets show the scandals that are still being investigated that involves the Obama Administration in one form or the other,here they are: Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, NSA scandal, spying on the Associated Press, spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen, Benghazi scandal, recess appointee scandal that is now in the US Supreme Court. Each one of these scandals after full investigations will warrant an impeachment for president Obama. So Obama, are these scandals contributing to your low poll numbers, or is it the race issue? Which is it?

Obama destroyed one of the best health care systems in the world to take away from the 85% who had health insurance to give to the 15% who don’t and they are now estimating that at the conclusion there will still be 30 million Americans who are not covered. In order for Obama to pursue this he lied to the American people by telling us “if we like our present insurance policy we can keep it, period,” if we like our doctor we can keep our doctor, period.” This under Obama Care is panning out to have been a lie. Premiums are climbing through the roof, deductibles are climbing sky high and the hospital emergency rooms will have more patients than ever with a lot less doctors.Over 6 million people have lost coverage and many more millions are to lose coverage after the employer mandate extension is lifted. So Obama, are these lies to the American people contributing to your low poll numbers, or is it the race issue? Which is it?

There are millions of Americans still unemployed and other millions who have stopped looking for work.Obama is destroying the small business person who supplies over 70% of the jobs because small business cannot hire or expand without knowing what else Obama has in store for them and the inconclusiveness of Obama Care. So Obama, are these applications of bad judgments contributing to your low poll numbers, or is it the race issue? Which is it?

The American people and millions who had voted for you in the past are pointing their finger at you president Obama. Live up to the fact that the American people have gotten wise to you and stop blaming the race card, that’s getting old. .

Before the Zimmerman Trial Even Started, Obama Threw In The Race Card

By injecting himself in a minor Florida criminal case by implying Martin could be his son, the president of the United States — a onetime law lecturer, of all things — disgraced himself and his office, made a mockery of our legal system and exacerbated racial tensions in our country, making them worse than they have been in years. This is the work of a reactionary, someone who consciously/unconsciously wants to push our nation back to the 1950s.This was from an article “Obama Big Loser in Zimmerman Trial”, by Roger Simon

This president it being economics, digging for oil, environment, race, National Security, IRS, Obama Care, foreign affairs where countries are laughing at him, especially over Edward Snowden and other things you the reader can remind me of has been putting us on a road to failure. Before Zimmerman was even arrested Obama stirs the race card by getting himself involved. He is the President of the United States, this is not his issue to comment on, unless he wants it thrown to the national scene, and that is exactly what he did. He wanted race instilled as a conversation, so what does he do? he stirs the pot by saying, “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,”. Without ever mentioning Zimmerman, the president called on authorities to investigate “every aspect” of the incident.

This is all the media had to hear. They made this case a national phenomenal. The police dept. knew there was not enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman, that’s why they didn’t arrest him to begin with; now all of a sudden with the District Attorney getting involved they had to arrest someone. Don’t forget, sheriff Obama is now in charge, he wants action. They are not finished with Zimmerman yet, they are going to get him or try to with a civil lawsuit. In other words they are going to go federal, right now they are only thinking about it.

This Judge was something else. She wants a guilty conviction to no end. She allows in a manslaughter conviction as a last minute option. The prosecution couldn’t even get their own witnesses to side with them. This is starting to look like a comical criminal movie. To top this all off, the jury at the last day wants an instruction on what constitutes manslaughter. The Judge said she can’t give an answer unless they were more specific on their question. The jury never asked about it again, they probably said screw this, we are going to acquit Zimmerman of all charges.

We need to talk about the race thing. The average Joe is not going to go to his friend and say, you know what? because you don’t agree with Obama I think you are a racist. Where did this come from? It came from some inner planning in our society it being intellectuals, Obamas think tank or a motive for unrest, to disturb our society, to let us go backward in regard to the race issue. The news media has fallen in line with this because you hear it a lot. Before Obama came along, you never heard of such nonsense. Obama can put a stop to this by just saying constantly how ridiculous this kind of talk is, but he will not do so.

Now after Obama stirred the pot to begin with, he is asking for calm reflection from the American people; he waited to see if there would be any riots in the streets first. There has been a big movement of late for the impeachment of Obama. For the people who say that he only has three years left as president, I say that is three years too much. I want you, the House of Representatives to start impeachment proceedings as fast as you can muster. I know there are millions of Americans who want the same and it is growing day by day.