The Radical Left Democratic Party Knows That Attorney General Barr Is Out To Serve Justice And Thats What The Contempt Charge Is All About

For the fools that voted in the Democrats as the majority in the House of Representatives to get things done with the Republicans this is what you will get for the next two years, it will be all about taking down President Trump with whatever means they can get, in this case it was getting AG Barr on a contempt of Congress charge which this is a very big mistake on these socialists part because of the fact when a person knows they are clean and right in this case it being Barr he will only come back and bite you in the end. Barr is there to do his job and that is to find out the ins and outs of the spying that was done on the Trump campaign and the beginning of his presidency and that is shaking the Democrats up because it will involve many people.

The following was posted by Matt Mackowiak, published by the Washington Times: “A lightly redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election has been public for many weeks, with printed versions leading the best-seller lists.”

“A version of the report that is 98.5% unredacted, with 99% unredacted in the “obstruction” section, has been available to Congress for several weeks. But not one congressional Democrat has bothered to go to the secure facility to read it.”

“The only aspects redacted in the version that is available to Congress relate to grand jury material, which cannot be released without a judge’s approval.”

“For this reason, Mr. Barr has refused to release the full version of the report.”

“This is not the attorney general’s opinion. It is required by law.”

“Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, revealed what he believes is Democrats’ primary goal, when he said at the hearing, “I don’t think today is about getting information. … I think it’s all about trying to destroy Bill Barr because Democrats are nervous [that] he’s going to get to the bottom of everything.”

The key to all this as mentioned above is the fact that the documents are all there to be read and not one Democrat has taken the time to read them. This is all grandstanding to intimidate the Attorney General and what a mistake that is. This the Democrats believe will also lead to the impeachment of President Trump, well you cant impeach someone who has been cleared. This is such a mess of not doing the American peoples business and like I have mentioned other times its a shame it has to be done like this that the American people will be reminded of how lowlife the Democratic Party has become with only one agenda in their mind that has become so obvious by now and that is to socialize the United States of America and President Trump stands in their way. Just look at the way they are exposing themselves in front of these committee’s, like a bunch of hoodlum’s that they are. Well you know what eventually happens to hoodlum’s, they are brought down to size.