There’s Something Wrong With This Picture! Special Council Robert Mueller Is Ready To Hand Out His First Indictment When Infact It’s Mueller Who Should Be Investigated

Isn’t it amazing the games the Deep state continues to play in this case being Special council of Trump-Russia Robert Mueller. This fool is acting as though We The People have not caught on to the deceitfulness of the Deep state that Mueller is a big part of in taking down President Trump. My patriots we can see right through this clown. If you recall the last ten days or so there has been so much damning information about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party where they have been caught speechless which I have written about in regard to the uranium one deal and the fact that it was Clintons campaign and the Democratic Party during the presidential election that funded dossier and that there are going to be three different Congressional committees that are going to investigate all this including Representative Trey Gowdy stressing the fact that Hillary’s classified emails and server will be reinvestigated, or lets put it this way, former FBI Director’s James Comey’s handling of the investigation will be investigated. So what do you think Mueller is doing with the announcement of an indictment that is forthcoming maybe as early as Monday? He’s trying to deflate all the good news that had transpired the last ten days on the justice side of the aisle for We The People, it’s all timing, this is the Deep state at it’s worst when in fact Mueller is the one who should be fired and investigated because keep in mind he was the FBI Director back in 2009 when all this uranium one crap was going down which means he knew all about it and he still accepted the position of Special council to investigate Trump-Russia. This is about as ruthless as anyone can get!

The following was posted by Brooke Singman, published by Fox News: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller is facing a fresh round of calls from conservative critics for his resignation from the Russia collusion probe, amid revelations that have called into question the FBI’s own actions and potentially Mueller’s independence.”

“This week’s bombshell that a controversial anti-Trump dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign has Republicans asking to what extent the FBI – which received some of the findings and briefly agreed to pay the same researcher to gather intelligence on Trump and Russia – used the politically connected material.”

“Hill investigators also are looking into a Russian firm’s uranium deal that was approved by the Obama administration in 2010 despite reports that the FBI – then led by Mueller – had evidence of bribery involving a subsidiary of that firm.”

“Critics question whether Mueller’s own ties to the bureau as well as fired FBI director James Comey now render him compromised as he investigates allegations of Russian meddling and collusion with Trump officials in the 2016 race.”

The following was published by “Mueller’s career is littered with numerous investigations of major scandals and likely crimes that he did not meaningfully investigate as FBI Director resulting in no arrests and no consequences. All of these resulted in the Clintons and/or Obama Administration getting away with criminal activities:”

IRS Targeting (2010-2013)

Fast and Furious (2010)

Associated Press Firing (2012)

Clinton Foundation Pay – For – Play (2009-2013)

Russian Uranium Deal (2009-2013)

Clinton Private Email Server (2009-2013)

The above should have all been investigated but lets just say our intelligence agencies did drop the ball as they were all in the sphere of Marxist Obama’s Deep state. This is a picture of a thousand words, this shows the corruptness of Robert Mueller, lets say commonsense dictates once again. Here you have Mueller as then FBI Director and just look up above as to all those scandals that were not deeply looked into by the FBI and if they were we sure as hell don’t know about it but yet Mueller is going gun-hold to dig up artificial dirt on Trump-Russia. It cannot be more obvious than that. The Deep state is still at work among our intelligence agencies just for the fact that Mueller has still not been let go by Sessions. I understand President Trump has the authority to do it but this should be Session’s job, what the hell is he waiting for? Mueller has no credibility at all especially with his role in the uranium one deal or lack of it whichever way one looks at it. Here’s what I would love to see, of course it’s not going to happen but at the very same minute that Mueller announces his indictment of whomever, right there and then without hesitation he should be fired. Now that would definitely reignite my confidence in Sessions.


The Audacity Of Hillary Clinton

So Hillary Clinton decided to establish a separate server for official business emails that have been traced to her family’s home in Chappaqua, New York. What I can’t understand is why Rep. Trey Gowdy did not pick this up considering Benghazi has been under investigation all this time now. This had to be leaked and who leaked it out of all papers, The New York Times. Does this tell you something! It tells me that you have a liberal far left newspaper blowing the whistle on one of their own, Hillary Clinton. Think about this, this is an inside job, something is going on in the liberal ranks of the Democratic Party that they feel that Hillary is not the one to represent the hard left liberal base. This was leaked out by someone to the NY Times, in other words some group feels she is not liberal enough otherwise I can’t even imagine why the NY Times would be exposing this, they have been covering up all the unlawful deeds of Obama from day one.

Why would Hillary go out of her way to set up a server except for the fact it’s all so convenient to have in excess right in front of you what emails you would hide and not expose when asked upon to do so such as anything to do with Benghazi and her experiences as Secretary of State. The following was published from Fox News: ” A House committee subpoenaed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal emails on Wednesday as part of its probe into the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks.”

“The move comes two days after a bombshell report revealed that the potential 2016 presidential nominee did not use her official account to conduct State Department business, a potential violation of federal law, raising questions over why she went to such lengths to keep her messages off the official government system.”

That’s not going to do any good. Hillary will find the emails she wants to expose and will lose the ones that are damaging to her. There is only one way to out fox Hillary and show her she is not as smart as she thinks she is and that is for Rep. Trey Gowdy to ask for the full server, in that way he will have everything and he will be the one to choose what is instrumental to the Benghazi case and not Hillary. I guarantee you he will find some very damaging material.

You would think that when Hillary was fired from the Committee To Impeach Richard Nixon for lying and following unethical practices she would have learned her lesson. But she has been allowed to get away with all her scandals since then and she feels she is above the law and she can get away with whatever she wants. There are many good female candidates in both party’s to run for president, we don’t need another snake. We had enough from one snake called Obama.

Obama Care Architect’s Lies Are Now Compounded By Obama’s And Nancy Pelosi’s Lies

It’s just amazing how these socialists are now running away from each other like they have the plague over Obama Care. Nancy Pelosi was the first one to distance herself from the main architect of Obama Care. When she was asked about Jonathan Gruber she denied knowing him. My how the rats lie when they panic. The following is from a post by Aaron Blake, published by the Washington Post: ” Pelosi on Gruber: “I don’t know who he is. He didn’t help write our bill.”— Sean Sullivan (@WaPoSean) November 13, 2014.” Here is what she said in 2009, “We’re not finished getting all of our reports back from CBO, but we’ll have a side by side to compare. But our bill brings down rates. I don’t know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT’s analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will happen in our bill for those who seek insurance within the exchange. And our bill takes down those costs, even some now, and much less preventing the upward spiral.” Pelosi’s office came out with a statement saying what she meant was she didn’t know him personally. “Wow,” they really do think we are stupid.

The snakes are starting to rattle. Now here comes Obama today saying that Johathan Gruber is “some adviser who never worked on our staff.” Lets face it, We The People have found out a long time ago that Obama talks through both sides of his mouth. I guess people who have some kind of mental disorder just don’t know how to stop it or control it. Obama can’t do either, he is just a chronic liar. The following is from a post by Melissa Quinn, published by The Daily Signal: ” Gruber, however, frequented the White House more than a dozen times, according to official visitor logs. One of those meetings took place in the Oval Office with Obama. Additionally, according to contracts issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, Gruber was paid $400,000 for his work on the president’s signature health care law.”

The following is from the Examiner: “Shortly after Obamacare architect and MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber was severely criticized by South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, a new video has surfaced that shows Gruber admitting that Obama knew it was going to be a problem, and they all agreed to lie about it, the Gateway Pundit reported on Thursday. Gruber was interviewed by Frontline on June 13, 2012, in which he admitted that Obama was present in a meeting in the Oval Office along with several experts. They, along with Gruber worked to figure out a way to get credible savings on cost control that the Congressional Budget Office would recognize and score as savings in this law, in order to get it passed based on lies.”

There you have It. The deceitfulness of the people who put Obama Care together all based on a lie and as you can see they are still lying today. What I can’t understand is the fact that Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court knew they were lying because Obama’s lawyers changed the definitive of getting it passed from the commerce clause, to it being called a tax and yet the Chief Justice allowed it through. He knew as a Chief Justice that the Obama Administration were lying to We The People.

What is ironic is We The People knew it was screwed up from the start and the polls reflected as such ever since. They were putting all the bells and whistles in this phony plan and yet they were telling us our premiums would be decreased $2500 a year per family. You don’t have to be a math major to know that is impossible.

Now everything has come out of the closet. This is a fraudulent plan based of course on a lie and there should be people prosecuted. You know if this happened in the private sector there would be some people in jail for the deceit and lying and the first ones to be implemented would be, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Jonathan Gruber. Justice now has to be served, especially We The People spoke in this last election. We The People are not the stupid ones, the stupid ones are usually the ones who get caught with their schemes going AWOL. Yes, stupid is stupid.

Benghazi Bombshell! Hillary Clinton’s Collaborator’s Instructed To Scrub Documents

No matter how bad the news-media wants to cover up for Hillary Clinton the truth is coming out because there are just too many people involved who have actual facts. The new Benghazi hearings are set to commence on Wed. Sept 17 and I know if there is one person who wants to get at the facts it’s Representative Trey Gowdy who has been put in charge of the investigation.

Hillary Clinton’s collaborator’s removed or tried to remove damaging documents about Benghazi. This is the same Hillary Clinton when she was on the Committee to Impeach President Richard Nixon was fired from the committee because she was lying and caught in unfair ethical practices. This is the same Hillary Clinton who is contemplating running for president. This was back in the early 1970’s and till present she has made a career of lying.

The following post was published by Fox News: “A former State Department official has told lawmakers that Hillary Clinton allies privately removed politically damaging documents before turning over files to the supposedly independent board investigating the Benghazi terror attack.”

“The account from Raymond Maxwell, former head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), was first published in The Daily Signal. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, confirmed to Fox on Monday that Maxwell told him and other lawmakers the same story when they privately interviewed him last year about the attacks and their aftermath.”

“According to Chaffetz’ account of his interview with Maxwell, as well as the Daily Signal report by Sharyl Attkisson, Maxwell said those scrubbing the documents were looking for information that would cast Clinton and senior leaders in a “bad light.”

“Chaffetz said such documents were said to be removed, so that Congress and the Accountability Review Board — the board probing security lapses as well as the attack’s aftermath — would not see them.”

As many different times that I have written about Hillary and Benghazi there is still one thing that angers me to the utmost. How can Hillary stand by the caskets of the dead Americans from Benghazi and tell the parents that their sons were killed because of a YouTube video that angered the Arab world when she and Obama knew that was an all out lie. This is so shameless of both of them that I am totally disgusted each time I think about it. I have much confidence in Trey Gowdy that he has done his homework and will expose the truth to We The People. All I can say to Trey is, “get them.”

Democrats Might Boycott Select Committee On Benghazi- Who Cares!

There is talk put out by Rep. Nancy Pelosi that the Democrats are thinking of possibly boycotting the Select Committee on Benghazi which will be led by Rep.Trey Gowdy, R- S.C. I believe that is not going to be the case, but if it is, so what! Never mind that the Democrats are reading the American people wrong on this issue because 61% of the American people want answers on Benghazi, but you know what, when that’s all said and done, why wouldn’t the Democrats on their own merit want to get to the real facts of four Americans getting killed is beyond me. They are missing a great chance of showing the American people that they are concerned. When they act in this fashion it really makes President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton look even more guilty.

In reading and talking with people the most common argument against having this Select Committee is that the Benghazi news is two years old and it’s been investigated to it’s fullest. This is what Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney has been harping in on. You must remember the fact that it’s old news because Obama and the Democrats have been stonewalling the facts from coming out by holding on to all very important emails and not allowing witnesses to testify.

We the people might be better off if these five Democrats do boycott the Select Committee because by them being there I can see they will attempt to delay any real facts from being processed and they will interrupt questions by ridicules questions of their own.

I am convinced in my mind that Rep. Trey Gowdy would not have accepted this position if he didn’t have new facts. I would admit that if it was the same old facts this committee would be a failure, but if you think about it there are too many unanswered questions that new facts will come out of it. The Democrats have better worry that they don’t come out of this looking like they want to obstruct justice of getting out on four dead Americans.

This is in the end very simple. Obama and Hillary Clinton hid the real facts from the American people so as not to allow Obama to lose a presidential election and what was a top notch Ambassador doing in Benghazi to begin with and when things started to roll our people were not protected. When these questions are answered and I have confidence they will be then we the people will have a real case against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Obama And Hillary Clinton Can No Longer Run Away From Benghazi

I remember when Benghazi happened and Obama and Hillary came out with the YouTube video story the first thing I said and wrote about was I felt whoever believed that was brain dead. All the lies started from that moment. Obama and Hillary were saying that constantly whereas Obama even mentioned it in a speech at the United Nations. I guess he felt he was putting the nail’s in the coffin with that one. Good old Hillary, she was trying to calm down middle Eastern countries by promising that the person who produced the YouTube video would be brought to justice and the United States had nothing to do with it. Then something happened! the protest was not a protest, it was a full scale terrorist attack with participants of Al Qaeda who were suppose to be on the run and dead from being able to mount such an attack.What’s going on?

What was going on was Obama had a presidential election coming and he caught Bin Laden. Naturally he never mentioned the fact that the person who spilled the beans about Bin Laden was water boarded. Fancy that. Do you remember the night of Bin Laden’s capture, it seems like the whole Obama Administration was watching the capture in real time and the whole country were shown pictures of them watching. But during the Benghazi attack Obama was nowhere to be found. people are still speculating as to where he was. We found out through a White House adviser that he was in the White House, isn’t that nice, was he making himself a snack? some rumors are that he was playing cards, another rumor was that he was practicing for upcoming presidential debates, the fact of the matter is why wasn’t he in the situation room where there is on going events of any crises at hand? He was disengaged, he could care less about Ambassador Stevens or anyone else for that matter, all he was concerned about was how to keep the American people from knowing that Al Qaeda was alive and well, he had to win the election at all costs and it cost the lives of four Americans and the American people being lied to. The very next day as a matter of fact he was going to Las Vegas for a fund raising event the very same city he advised Americans on two different occasions not to visit.

Why would Hillary Clinton think she is presidential material is beyond me. She showed during Benghazi that she is the same liar she has always been and she just doesn’t have it. She was told that night that the Ambassador needed help and she ignored the call for help. Do you think that she ignored the call for help because she was just incompetent or was it because the Ambassador just knew too much. I sure would hope not, but what was a high ranking diplomat like Stevens doing in Benghazi anyway. Why would Al Qaeda attack Benghazi for goodness sake of all places? Could it be the American Government was shipping guns out of Benghazi to various places, maybe Syria for instance? I believe this will all come out now. Its going to be a non stop tidal wave of information from here on out.

The smoking gun email has been exposed only because Judicial Watch had to sue to get it. Why is this email damaging? Because it now links the White House. It showed White House adviser Ben Rhodes discussing a “prep call” with then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, before she went on several Sunday talk shows and made controversial and flawed statements linking the attack to an anti-islem Internet video. It has now gone straight to the White House. Hillary being the lawyer that she is made sure she was not going to be the one going on five talk shows and incriminate herself. You see no matter how educated Obama and Hillary may be when you panic and falsely make up lies just to win an election one thing these liars forgot is that the events do not necessarily go with the lies and this is exactly what has happened. Their lies just don’t correspond with the events that took place and then forgot that there is such a thing as a smoking gun email.

What is sad is that there still are Democrats out their who are more concerned of protecting these two corrupt people than respecting the lives of our four Americans that were lost because Obama and Hillary went out of their way not to protect them. That is totally criminal and shameful on the people who supersede that thought just to protect people who should be thrown out of government. This investigation will show the American people as to what extent Obama and Hillary would go to win an election. Rep. Boehner even though long overdue will appoint a select committee to investigate Benghazi. and who will be head of the committee, South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy. You know darn well their will be no liars in his committee unless they want to be sent away.