Mitt Romney Mocks President Trump’s Demeanor When In Fact He Should Be Looking At His Own

That’s what’s the matter with these elites, no matter Republican or Democrat, they don’t like the way President Trump talks or acts. Well that’s just tough! That’s Trump’s style and we patriots knew of Trumps characteristics when we voted for him and that includes his past. Trump is a New Yorker and that almost makes him pretty brash right from the outset. I just love these elites, everybody has to talk their talk and walk their walk otherwise they consider straight talkers like people like me and Trump as coming from the planet Mars. Mitt Romney comes under that category.

Romney became Senator in Utah this past election even accepting the endorsement of President Trump and what does Romney do as his first statement and keep in mind not even being sworn in yet in the new Congress he bad mouths President Trump as to not rising to the mantle of the presidency, in other words his demeanor on how Trump approaches things, such as being too mean, too cocky. So here we go, you have the elite in Romney defining how a President should act. One thing Romney forgets is that Trump won the presidency whereas Romney blew his chance against Marxist Obama. So Romney has not have much room to talk.

There are millions of us who voted for Romney in 2012 against Obama and if he would have shown as much aggressive attack against Obama as he is currently doing against Trump he would have had a very good chance of winning the election. Romney had a fantastic first debate that put Obama on the ropes and the Obama people warned him that he better come out strong for the second debate and you would have thought Romney would have known that, instead Romney for whatever reason came out low in that second debate and by the time of the third debate it was over, as a matter of fact people were asking where the hell was Romney after the third debate as though he disappeared from the face of the earth. So now you have Romney in his first order of business as elected Senator attacking President Trump and even the President said he expected it but not this early. So Romney did not have the backbone to do battle with Obama but he surely has it to do battle with the leader of the Republican Party which is President Trump.

What we have here is a ranting Romney, what all he is doing is energizing and giving credence to the Democratic (radical left)Party, and of course the never Trumpers of which he is proving himself to be one of them. Romney is probably agitated for the fact that Trump is fulfilling all his promises that go against the New World Order and this is exactly what Romney has proved himself to be, a NWO elitists that Trumps actions as President is going against the grain of the NWO and on top of that Trump’s unorthodox demeanor is driving elitists like Romney off the wall. Millions of us who voted for Romney in 2012 are very disappointed in his actions and all we ask now is for Romney to join the team to make America great again.

Why Mitt Romney lost; where do we go from here?

This was a Presidential Election Mitt Romney should have won going away. What with 7.9% unemployment, millions gave up and left the work force, employers laying off because of Obama care taxes, worst recovery in US history, six trillion dollars in new debt, US deficit hit 120 billion dollars in October, majority of Americans have said that the US is on the wrong track. When Obama won the Presidency he stated that if he did not fix the economy by the end of his first term he should be a one term President. With the above statistics, I could have run for President and win. So what went wrong?

Lets start with Obama care. In my letter of Jan 8th, 2012, titled “Why did Michele lose in Iowa”, I gave a critique of the remaining Republican Candidates running for President, and here is what I wrote about Mitt Romney. “I can’t even imagine what is going to happen in the debates with Obama when the issue of health care comes up. Romney has stressed that he would repeal Obama care. For the life of me, can you imagine in the debate on this issue”. Naturally, the reason I stated that, was because Romney initiated health care when he was Governor of Massachusetts. This was the issue, the majority of the American people, polls show, want Obama care in its present form repealed, and replaced by a better health care program. Yes, Romney said many times that the first act as President he would repeal Obama care, but even a Romney supporter like myself, did not feel comfortable hearing it from him, never mind an undecided voter. Romney had to take it off the table; an issue that could have been our biggest weapon. This issue should have been ours in the debates, even though it rarely came up, it should have been brought up by our candidate, instead of hoping it wouldn’t come up.

I have stressed many times how Obama care will have a crippling effect on our economy, I will not write about it here; what I will write about is the people who think they have it made in the shade, that Obama care will not effect them, either because they are wealthy, they have a present insurance policy that is great, etc., etc. So you think because you are wealthy you are exempt from the deficiencies of Obama care. You think you are safe because your present union retirement plan is a Cadillac Plan. Obama care is non tried, there is so much to learn about it yet. This insurance plan will revamp the whole insurance industry. What if your Cadillac Plan becomes a Studebaker Plan? (I know, I am showing my age) How are you so sure that when the dust settles on Obama care, your present Cadillac Plan will stay the same. You see, they will have review boards of non-Doctors, which Sarah Palin rightly labeled “Death Panels”. You can be wealthy, you can have your Cadillac Plan, you can be an intellectual , an elitist, whatever you are presently labeled. If you are seventy years of age, and you need a hip replacement, guess what, your life is not productive any more, you wait in the back of the line, behind the younger people. Now, doesn’t that make you feel wonderful? I will suggest to anyone who is presently of the higher age bracket to get any surgery taken care of now, do not wait till the dust is settled, because you might be left with just a dust pan. This important issue was left out of the public debate. Why?, because Romney could not talk about it with confidence.

I like Paul Ryan tremendously, but he should not have been picked as Vice-President. As soon as Paul Ryan was picked, the team of Romney and Ryan had to start talking about the fact they were not going to hurt Medicare. What kind of nonsense was this? With the majority of the public being in the “give me” mode, these guys are talking about anyone who is presently on Medicare will not be cut , but anyone under 55 years of age will receive a voucher. This was terrible. I talked in another paper that Republicans should stay off the issues of entitlements. Fix the economy that I was sure Romney could do, then you could get into fixing and safe guarding the entitlements. My Vice- Presidential pick would have been Marco Rubio. In my letter of Sept 2011, titled,”Lets Take One Step Back, Take A Deep Breath And Think” I said this. “It has been said that there are about 12 million illegal’s in the country. I said there are more like 20 million. Are we to round up 20 million people like they would do in Nazi Germany, and in your communist countries, and ship them out even though they are now established? When President Bush ran for reelection he had 40% of the Hispanic vote, Romney was only able to pick up 27%. President Bush put a bill in for comprehension immigration reform that his own party did not back; don’t you think the Hispanics were appreciative of that. Marco Rubio would have made a big difference in the final vote, maybe even swing the election.

Romney made the statement of the fact there are 47% of Americans presently collecting some kind of entitlements. He forgot that in this group are Social Security and Medicare recipients. I just don’t understand why a statement like that was even necessary. To me it sounds like a defeatist kind of statement. It sounds to me like he is saying, “with that kind of entitlement consumption how can I win? That followed him around for the rest of the campaign, and he even had to come out and admit it was a mistake.

Now you have Hurricane Sandy and Governor Chris Christie.(Every time I think of Chris Christie he reminds me of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, I think it’s something about his name, you think?) I understand the fact that the Hurricane stopped Romney’s message for about five days, but that does not mean that Christie had to in an obvious fashion kiss Obama’s rare end for help to his state. When a State declares a national disaster it automatically receives the aid that is warranted. The least Christie could have done is invite Romney to the state, which he did not. You think he wanted to be picked for Vice-President?

The third and final debate looked to me like a football team, at the end of the game protecting its lead, and instead of going for more points and playing aggressive the other team catches up and gets the final touch down to beat them. That was what Romney did in that last debate. He should have played hard ball. He should have brought up the Benghazi Attack. He should have asked the President, “Mr. President, why did you send out your UN Ambassador to five Sunday talk shows to lie to the American People that the attack was due to a you tube Video, when in fact you knew from the start it was a terriosts attack? Every day there is new information coming out on Benghazi, why are you not straight with the American people?. Just like in selling cars, Romney did not close the deal. He really thought he was going to win, but even if that’s the case, you go for the home run.

Where do we go from here? Socialism is a late starter in America. Woodrow Wilson wanted to plant the seeds, but war and a stroke interrupted his plan. Franklin Roosevelt started our country towards socialism. Many entitlements came after him in the form of helping the people whereas its disguised as power grab. We give to the people, they vote for us. I said many times, you can’t take a entitlement away once its implemented. President Kennedy said “ Its not what the country can do for you, its what you can do for the country”. My, has that changed. The Democrats have taught the people its all about what I can do for you, as long as you keep voting for me. People just do not understand what this does to business, and they don’t want to know as long as they get their freebees. Their attitude is let the business person just raise prices to cover any new entitlement. They don’t understand that the 6 rolls of paper towels that you now pay fifteen Dollars for will become thirty five Dollars if this pace continues. Socialism such as in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany; why do you think they no longer have powerful Military’s?, its because the expense of entitlements have taken over in those countries, and one thing you must never forget, there are people out there who want to kill us, that is real, it is not fantasy.

How would the entitlement peoples attitude have changed? I should say, wanting of more entitlements, Mitt Romney I am sure would have fixed our economy. When the country is prospering and you have a job, your attitude changes to optimism. This is how we get our country back. Mitt and Ann Romney are good and honest people, I got to like them a lot. I am thrilled that my Grandson saw Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in person. We will prevail. The conservative movement is not dead. They thought it was dead until Ronald Reagan came on the scene. We will save our country, the right person will come along, and when you come right to it, It’s Gods call, isn’t it?

I have been asked by some of the people that I had friendly debates during the last few years, as to how I an coping with the lost? Naturally I say, just fine, there will be another day. What I want to tell them is this: Twenty years ago I lost my wife Susie of twenty-three years, my business of fifteen years, and my Mother, all within one years time, and within the second year I lost also someone else very dear to me. Do I think maybe God was telling me something, I thing yes. I will be okay, it’s the United States of America I am worried about now. May God bless our great United States of America.