The Worst Fears Have Been Verified From Obama’s Treasonous Iranian Nuclear Deal: This Is Bad!

I had written about this Iranian nuclear deal often enough at it’s inception that I realized as had many that the deal smelled bad. What puzzled me was the fact that after ten years Iran would be rid of it’s restrictions and would once again be allowed to build a nuclear bomb. This logic did not make sense to me whatsoever that Iran would not be able to pursue building a bomb today but in ten years it would be open season for bomb making again. Like I had said all Obama wanted to do was not allow Iran producing a bomb on his watch, or it could be something much more serious, lets call it the enemy within. Another fear of mine was the fact that the Obama Administration paid Iran $1.7 billion back in 2016 in cash and I remember writing of the opinion that Iran’s people would never see any of this money that in fact it would be used to sponsor their terrorist groups. Well my patriots my worst fears have been verified of the fact that, yes indeed, Obama sent this money to a terrorist group which can do very much damage to Israel considering what they can buy with this money.

The following was posted by Hank Berrien, published by the Daily Wire: “Remember the $1.7 billion that the Obama administration paid to Iran in 2016 after the release of five Americans held by Iran? According to The Washington Times, the federal government traced the funds, only to discover the money was transferred to Hezbollah, the terrorist group in Lebanon; the Quds Force, Iran’s terrorist arm, which has an extensive history of murder; and Houthi rebels hoping to topple the Saudi Arabian government.”

“The Times says that the intelligence used to discover the funds could well lead to President Trump canceling the Iran nuclear deal. On January 12, Trump said, “The enormous financial windfall the Iranian regime received because of the deal — access to more than $100 billion, including $1.8 billion in cash — has not been used to better the lives of the Iranian people. Instead, it has served as a slush fund for weapons, terror, and oppression, and to further line the pockets of corrupt regime leaders.”

So lets see if we can figure out what logic Marxist Obama used to justify this uranium nuclear deal for the betterment of the United States of America. I remember the Obama Administration when they were pushing this deal were stressing the fact that if Iran proved themselves untrustworthy of the deal we can always apply sanctions again. What the morons didn’t tell us was the fact it took much negotiating to begin with to instill sanctions in the first place considering it required in the United Nations China and Russia that never vote with the United States on practically anything that it was a miracle that they voted with us the first time for sanctions but getting China and Russia to vote for sanctions on Iran a second time I would call it impossible so what I am saying is that the Obama people were pushing a lie. This crap of starting sanctions tomorrow would not happen. Sure the U.S. would be able to instill sanctions on their own but it would not nearly be as effective as from the world community.

Another logic that the Obama administration was using was possibly in the interim of the ten years their might be a regime change that would put Iran in a better position with the United States and Israel. That’s great and tomorrow I might win the Super Lotto and you know what the chances of that is of happening, not very good at all. (but I will continue to try ) Then I will be able to hire a staff and be able to give you many more subjects on any given day.

When President Trump was running for president we all know that he constantly stressed the fact that the Iranian nuclear deal was a bad deal. I believe Trump has now gone through two six month extensions on this deal and I tend to agree with what the Times stressed up above that when it’s time for Trump to decide if he should sign for another six month extension on the deal he will not do so. The Iranians have now been caught doing something that we all were assuming that they might do it but now it has been traced to the fact that Iran is sending money to their sponsored states of which will only reinforce the fact that they are still all out to take over the Middle East, put Israel even more so in peril and continue on to develop nuclear bomb capabilities to reach the United States. What the hell was Obama thinking when he conceded all this to Iran, well lets put it this way, when you are the enemy within you are only thinking of one thing and it’s not hard to figure out what.


New Sanctions On Russia From Obama- They Are Not Going To Work

Obama and the European Union are putting sanctions on banks and defense contractors. The following is posted by Fox News: “The coordinated sanctions by the U.S. and European Union were aimed at increasing pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end his country’s support for separatists in eastern Ukraine whom the West blames for taking down a Malaysian airliner nearly two weeks ago. Obama and U.S. allies also warned that Russia was building up troops and weaponry along its border with Ukraine.

Bravo for our hero Obama but it’s not going to work. What is Obama and the European Union going to do if and when Putin extends this war effort that he has started. Does Obama really think that Putin before he started this endeavor did not know that Obama and company were going to put sanctions on Russia.

Obama is playing with an ex KGB agent that had said in the past that his biggest disappointment was the fall of the Soviet Union. What do you think that means Obama, that he’s going to worry about a small inconvenience of sanctions that he had already considered. Obama is too late in showing any kind of bravado. Putin is very popular with the Russian people and it’s people can take a hardship of economic sanctions.

I believe Putin has convinced himself that he will be the one to bring Russia back to greatness. This will be a true test of how far he is allowed to go. Obama said that this is not the start of another cold war in answering a reporters question, I would say it’s worst than a cold war. If Russia moves forward and starts taking over lost satellites as they were called during their occupancy by the Soviet Union I would not call it a cold war but a hot war.

Yes Obama, your socialist professors at Harvard did not teach you anything except how to transform America into your own liking. You are not in the same league as Putin. Obama has been concentrating so much on how to beat our Constitution that he forgot that it was the leadership roll of the United States that had kept the world in check. This is what a superpower does. This is one of the aftermaths of being classified a superpower. We like it or not we exert leadership and the world looks up to America for answers. This is what America has lost with the lack of leadership with Obama. I am an American. I want to be looked at with respect again around the world as before and we can get that respect again because we lost that respect only from a self-inflicted wound by this president who wants nothing to do with America having a leadership position in the world. We will be forced into that position again if Obama likes it or not because without that leadership and respect we will only somewhere down the line be attacked and We The People will never allow any president to put us into that position including Obama.

Obama Calls Netanyahu Of Israel Which Means Israel Did Not Take Part In The Iran Deal

For Obama to have to call Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and for Netanyahu to show concern with the details of the deal reached between the U.S. and five other world leaders to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting some sanctions shows me that Netanyahu was not part of the discussions. Now someone can tell me to get real, do I actually expect Israel to be part of any discussions? Iran would never settle for anything. Okay I understand that, but keep in mind there is such a thing as a back room where Obama can keep the Prime Minister informed as to where the deal is heading. This is so hard to comprehend, Iran that has threatened on numerous occasions that they would wipe Israel off the face of the earth, were not a part of or informed as to the contents of the deal.

Obama goes from one bad decision to another on Foreign policy because he is trying his best on some issue to be successful with which because of desperation of that need leaves himself unsuccessful and makes himself the fool of the world community.

Speaking to his Cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the world had become a “more dangerous place” as a result of the deal and reiterated a long-standing threat to use military action against Iran if needed, declaring that Israel “has the right and the duty to defend itself by itself.”

Here is part of the agreement: The statement said the deal limits Iran’s existing stockpiles of enriched uranium, and curbs the number and capabilities of the centrifuges used to enrich and would limit Iran’s ability to produce “weapons-grade plutonium” from a reactor in the advanced stages of construction. It also said there would be “intrusive monitoring” of Iran’s nuclear program.

This is not going go happen. Iran does not want a nuclear program for peaceful means.The U.S. should not have been part of these talks.Israel is our key ally in the middle east and this agreement only gives Iran more time to prepare for all out war and develop its nuclear program. Don’t give me this baloney that there will be inspectors monitoring development’s. Don’t you think Iran knows this and has prepared itself accordingly? What I want to see and someone explain to me is if this agreement doesn’t work how do you get all the countries to vote in favor of sanctions again? Russia and China I guarantee you will not vote to enforce sanctions a second time. Obama someday will learn some common sense and stop allowing these countries over there to outwit him. I’m afraid Obama the professor has still not learned how to be Obama the president.