Obama Is Finally Being Sued

So many times in recent posts when I was writing about the Affordable Care Act I mentioned of the fact that the United States Supreme Court passed this law under one identity, one complete package. The Justices in my opinion did not pass this law with the intent that out Dictator-In Chief Obama would treat the law any which way he wanted. To date Obama has made 29 changes to Obama Care, changing it to his discretion. He is constantly doing this without sending it back to Congress considering they are the ones who put it into law and they are the ones who should make the changes. Every time Obama makes a change to the law without the consent of Congress common sense dictates that he is breaking the laws of the United States Constitution. I believe Obama has gone over the edge. He wants to see this law succeed so bad that he is breaking laws to make it so and avoid Congress in the process.

In the meantime the Congress via punch-drunk Harry Reid in the Senate have allowed him to continue to do this. Reid has given up any kind of integrity the Senate once might have had to allow a president such as Obama to over step his bounds.

Along comes Larry Kawa. Kawa is an orthodontist from Boca Raton, Florida who has had enough of Obama’s shenanigans. A year ago, Kawa spent 100 hours learning all about Obama Care and how it impacted his practice since he employs more than 50 people. At an expense of $5,000 in legal fees to his attorneys, he made sure he was in total compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Obama as mentioned above decided to move back the employer mandate. Then he did it again and again. In the meantime as mentioned above Kawa has gone through much expense to implement his responsibility in this law and Obama keeps on changing the dates.

With the help of Judicial Watch, Kawa has filed suit in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals claiming that Obama’s changes to the law are unconstitutional and should be nullified by the court. This case could affect all 29 of Obama’s changes to Obama care. If the Judge gives Kawa “standing” the case will move up. “Standing” means that Kawa has to prove that there has been damage or injury caused to himself or in this case being his company. He can prove it by the money he has spent and 100 man hours he has spent with attorneys to learn the law and implement it to his company.

If the judge rules in Kawa’s favor that would mean that the hold put on all businesses with over 50 employees would be nullified. All the changes that were made to Obama Care would be void. It would have to go back to Congress and Congress would have to change the law and perfect it to as not hurt the millions of people that have been hurt by it. Mostly it will stop Obama from being Dictator-In Chief and it would show any future president not to mess with The United States Constitution.

Punch- Drunk Senator Harry Reid Is At It Again

Democratic Senator Harry Reid is at it again. He said he use to be a boxer; I think he got hit in the head too many time and he has become punch drunk through the years. Here is a Senator that stole the Senatorial election in 2010 by cheating and now he has the audacity to say that the people who have experienced horror stories due to the Affordable Care Act are lying. Can you imagine this kind of statement that I am sure will backfire on him because of the fact that Americans are experiencing problems with Obama Care all over the country.

Harry Reid is telling the people who have lost their health insurance that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling the people that have lost their doctors that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling the people that have seen their deductibles go up to $5000 dollars or over that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling the people who are unhappy with Obama Care because they are forced to get a policy in it with coverage’s they don’t need; they were very happy with the policy they had before because it was of their choosing that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling a small business with 51 people or more who might have to close their business down or won’t be able to expand because they won’t be able to afford Obama Care that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling Julie Boonstra who was diagnosed five years ago with leukemia and who said her insurance plan was canceled because of the Affordable Care Act, and claimed her out-of-pocket costs are now “so high its unaffordable.” that she is a liar.

Harry Reid, you and your cult in the Senate who you had to bribe to pass this law even though your party had full control of the Congress at that time jammed this law down the throat of the American people and now the whole country must pay. Why don’t you do the country a favor and take the lead like some of your colleagues have done recently and just announce your resignation. You would be doing America a tremendous favor.

Obama Is Telling Us : Stop Me If You Can

The way Obama has been acting of late I have the feeling at times that he is just going over the edge. What has happened to him is that every underhanded thing he attempted to do to take over the House of Representatives has now backfired on him. Not only will he not take over the House but he has a good chance of losing the Senate. How ironic is that?

He is obsessed that he will not get his socialistic programs through Congress that he is looking at every conceivable way to buck the United States Constitution. He studied and learned the Constitution so as to know how to get around it.

One thing that Obama must remember even though he probably doesn’t want to is that these Republican House members and Senators are sent by the people this being a Republic. Those Congressional people with the word Republican after their name were sent to the Congress to represent those people from those districts and those states. Who the heck does this dictator Obama think he is to say I will disregard their beliefs because I don’t agree with anything about them. It just so happens that Obama never really tried to negotiate with the Congress. Sure he will take some photo ops every now and than considering the phony that he is, but that is all meaningless. It’s all make believe. The problem is he has an accomplice that is going along with all this, and it is called the US Senate.

Here is what Tom Delay the former Texas Congressman and House Speaker said about this recently: “The Constitution creates a government that reflects the principles given to us in the Declaration of Independence. It can only survive and can only carry us into the future if you have people that believe in these principles.”There we go. That’s the key. The people have to believe in those principles. I truly believe by the latest polls that the majority of Americans still believe in these principles and because Obama and the US Senate are suppressing us the American people from continuing these beliefs that our Forefathers had originally set out to do, the whole US Congress controlled by Senator Harry Reid and Obama are all criminals destined to destroy our way of life and the Constitution. These criminals have to be removed from office. Yes I know, I keep on saying it but time is running short. The Republicans must remove this criminal Congress and then we will impeach this criminal president. This will be the last chance to take our country back. If these socialists are allowed to keep control of our great country what our Forefathers had envisioned for us will be destroyed. God bless the people of the United States, I trust they will fulfill the moment.

The End Result Of Obama Care: The Democrats Will Feel Sorry

We must never forget that the Democrats passed Obama Care by using an abuse of power. The abuse of power comes into play because they had the majority in Congress they established all the rules without any Republican input. Obama was bringing in Senator after Senator to the White House and bribed them with pork for their states. The worst thing they did was ignore the economy for two whole years while they were putting together Obama Care. No Republican was suppose to see the plan which created the effect that not one Republican in the Congress voted for this bill. So they passed a bill of over two thousand pages with no one having read it. If you recall, this was the main reason the Republicans took over the House. First of all, most of the American people did not like the plan and secondly, they didn’t like the way the bill passed the Congress, an abuse of power.

Have you ever stopped to think, how was this bill put together. This is a very complex bill, one sixth of the U.S. economy. It seems to me that the Democrats had this all planned in the event they retook the Congress. I believe they had a single payer plan sitting in mothballs just waiting for that big day to implement it. They definitely couldn’t do it while the Republicans had a portion of the Congress or the executive branch. They sat and waited, like a killer snake. The time came, they won the Congress and the presidency, perfect opportunity, but there was something wrong. Senator Reid and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi discovered something very wrong, there were not enough Democrats who were willing to go for a single payer plan. So what were they to do? The Democrats had been pushing a health care plan since President Harry Truman. What they did was settle for this piece of crap called Obama Care.

Oh my! how they lied to us. They knew exactly what was in this plan, or at least the main architects did, but they could not reveal it before the presidential election of 2012. Even most of the Obama cult that voted for it did not know what was in it. As much as I liked Mitt Romney that was a big mistake the Republicans made by making him the nominee. Why? Because of the Health Plan he installed in Massachusetts. He could not talk about Obama Care without people thinking that he also initiated one in Massachusetts. Romney was praying during the debates that there would not be any questions on Obama Care. The Republicans took the issue of Obama Care right off the table with the selection of Romney.

Obama Care is fully out of the bag now. It’s a complete socialistic take over of the United States of America. What happened here, just as though it was a “God send”, the wed-site did not work. It created all this chaos and confusion all across America. The good side is that it gave the American people the time to figure out what this law is all about, it is to transform America to get you and I and the U.S. economy under the control of a socialistic state. Now it is up to us to take our country back. It is still not to late. We must vote for the people in the 2014 Congressional elections who will dismantle this socialistic program that is going to be policed by the IRS which will enable the Government to know everything about you and I and our health records. If we keep these socialists in power we are doomed; if we vote them out we will take our country back. This is what my writing is all about, to take our country back. The people are now seeing the effect’s of this cancer called Obama Care, with the people’s efforts and God’s will, we will take our country back. May God Bless America!

Obama Was To Be A Unifier And His Obsession And Hatred For The Tea Party

In the last few days with the war going on between the House and the Senate over Obama Care, it has been mentioned a few times by Obama and his patsy Senator Harry Reid of the fact that the Tea Party is a big influence on the Republicans. Obama is very confused it seems to me about the Tea Party. He had the IRS spy on them, harass them, who knows what else that still will come out, believe me the IRS would not have done that on their own, that’s all instructions from Obama. This was all done to keep the Tea Party from mobilizing considering all the damage they did to Democrats in the 2010 elections. Then for awhile it was being spread by influential Democrats that the Tea Party had weakened, they did not have as much influence as they once had. Now Obama and Reid are back to stressing the fact that the Republican Party is listening too much to the radical Tea Party. So Obama, which is it, are they weak, influential, or powerful? You see Obama, I am just an average person and I can see what you are doing. Don’t you think there are millions like me who can see what you are doing? you always need a scapegoat, somebody you can point your finger to, to justify all your lies. You hate the Tea Party, you are obsessed by them, because they are in your way of implementing your socialistic programs.

I will define just slightly the Tea Party.The Tea Party generally focuses on government reform. Among its goals are limiting the size of the federal government, reducing government spending, lowering the national debt and opposing tax increases The Tea Party generally focuses on government reform. Among its goals are limiting the size of the federal government, reducing government spending, lowering the national debt and opposing tax increases,as well as tighter border security, and opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants.

On the federal health care reform law, they began to work at the state level to nullify the law, after the republican party lost seats in congress and the Presidency in the 2012 elections. They have protested the IRS for controversial treatment of groups with “tea party” in their names. They have formed Super PACs to support candidates sympathetic to their goals and have opposed what they call the “Republican establishment” candidates.

So what is wrong with the Tea Party’s belief? This is a belief in one form or another most Americans would be content with, but you see it is a thorn to the side of socialism. The left wing element of the Democratic party which is pure socialist with the likes of Obama and Reid have stolen the Democratic party. It is sure not the party of President John Kennedy.

Now Obama, I am going to tell you something. I am hoping one of your Czars picks this blog up and gives it to you to read. In the election of 2008 when you ran for president you said that you were going to transform America. I knew right away what that meant, you were going to convert America to socialism considering you are a socialist. Naturally you are lucky that your college papers are under lock and key. Two thirds of the people who voted for you did so thinking you were a unifier. If you are a unifier, Hitler is a Pope. Who do you think you are by saying you will not negotiate with the House on Obama Care. Who appointed you King? Our Founders established checks and balances so as to prevent someone like you who will come along and decide to do it your way or the highway. Just by you saying you will not negotiate is an impeachable offense that you can add to the other impeachable offenses you have accumulated. Nobody is trying to prevent the American people with having health care but not this plan called Obama Care, and the way it was implemented like a thief in the night. We got away from a king, he was King George remember? We sure as hack don’t need another king; start acting like the President of the United States or do people a favor and resign because believe me, you will not convert America to socialism.

Blame For Shutting Down Of The Government Should Go To Punch Drunk Harry Reid Of The Senate And President Obama

The Senate who are controlled by the Democrats have not fulfilled the responsibility the American people have entrusted in them for lack of doing their job and even more so since Harry Reid has been the majority leader. I am embarrassed that he is my Senator from Nevada it being every time he opens his big mouth he tends to make a fool of himself. Senator Ted Cruz who gave a classy presentation of a marathon of over twenty hours non stop which from the politicians who disagreed with him gave him great marks for endurance. Along comes Harry Reid and he makes a statement that nobody learned anything new from it. Reid has no class whatsoever. Its been said that he started off as a boxer, well I think he got hit in the head too many times early on and he has never recovered.

It is Obama who has put the country at risk of a shutdown by not even wanting to negotiate the House proposal that has been sent to the Senate. He knows the American people do not want Obama Care and I must remind the reader that the House would be more than willing to get some feed back from Obama to fix this terrible law; he doesn’t want no part of any suggestion of this happening. I am starting to believe that Obama via Reid actually want a Government shut down to make the issue the Republicans instead of his terrible health care bill.

In my lifetime I have never seen a Senate so inapt. The House at least have fulfilled their Constitutional obligations by sending various spending bills and budgets up to the Senate. In the last four years the Senate has passed only one budget and in most of those years they have not even submitted the documents mandated by law. They couldn’t even pass a budget when they controlled the White House, House and the Senate. You want to talk about Government shut down, I’ll give you a conversation on Government shut down when for the first two years of the Government being controlled by the Democrats with the country in an economic crisis all they did for those two years is try to pass Obama Care while the economy of America was spinning out of control, now that’s a Government shut down, lets get real.

The House has sent the Senate everything needed to allow the Government to function without funding for Obama Care. The pundits are saying that Obama Care is the law of the land, they cannot defund it. Obama has already breeched his own signature bill by breaking it apart. The Supreme Court ruled on a whole bill, not piece mail. Since when do we have a king that can just break up laws and his own law mind you into little pieces and declare it his way or the high way. It is Obama and the Democratic controlled Senate that are set out to shut down the Government. Yes, Obama and Reid, you are playing a very dangerous game.

American Freedom Fighters, Defund Obama Care!

This is it. Reality has set in. It is time to defund Obama Care. The clock is running out. President Obama is still lying to the American public that all is well with Obama Care. That could be furthest from the truth. I don’t have to write a thesis here to prove that Obama Care is not what it is cut out to be. I would start as my first concern is why are they taking away one of the best health plans in the world that people come from other countries to use it. Why is Obama who says he is so concerned about family health and well being allowing a health care system where when you reach a certain age, lets say 70 as an example and you need a hip replacement you will be considered non productive and younger people will be treated before your mother, father, aunts, uncles, yourself, and what have you. This is what Sarah Palin has labeled death panels, and she has not been proven wrong. You even have presidential candidate Howard Dean who is also a physician declare Sarah Palin correct. It is mind bungling just this part of Obama Care all by itself is not troublesome to some of its supporters.

The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) which is non partisan has come out with their latest estimates on Obama Care, provides a more accurate cost projection, finally encompassing 10 years of full spending. The 11-year estimate places spending on these provisions at $1.85 trillion from 2013 to 2023. Keep in mind whenever there is a new projection it has continuously gone up, starting from about $980 million in its earlier projections.

Take into consideration now that Obama Care was to be fed by the young, which was to be about a $8 a month penalty for not taking it. Young people do not think much about health insurance, especially if they are still single with the only responsibility is themselves. So is this young person going to pay the fine, or is he going to sign up for a $468 dollar a month policy? You tell me.

If you are an employer employing 50 or more people you have to provide insurance to full time employees. This has started already, I’m sure you have read about it or seen it on TV, employers are cutting full timers to part-timers so as not to have to provide health care. Before you start yelling greed do some homework and see how much an employer would have to pay. Instead of employers thinking of expansions which would have hired more people now they have to think of survival. You people that always have your hand out you better put your hand down because you will be lucky to have a job.

Obama’s biggest shock is probably from the unions who were supporting Obama Care to begin with. Now they are yelling foul. Here is a letter from the major unions to Senator Harry Reid and the Senate: When you and the President sought our support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you pledged that if we liked the health plans we have now, we could keep them. Sadly, that promise is under threat. Right now, unless you and the Obama Administration enact an equitable fix, the ACA will shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class. This is in relation to the above paragraph as to how employers will be handling Obama Care.

This is just a small example as to how Obama Care will destroy the US economy or make it stagnant at the least. You have Obama who is not even considering making the adjustments that the majority of Americans are asking for. If this doesn’t prove that Obama is dead set to destroy the American economy, nothing will.