Trump Will Be Winning No Presidency With His “I’m Going To Send All The Illegal Immigrants Back” Statement.

Trumps statement “I’m going to send all the illegal immigrants back” statement after he declared his presidential candidacy might have won him favor with a small segment within the Republican Party but it will not help him win the presidency. This is why I believe so far in the polls between himself, Cruz and Rubio he is the only one losing to Hillary Clinton. The majority of the American people know that the immigration system has to be fixed but to round up 12 million which is more like 25 million and send them back is asinine. We The People are a civilized and humane people that know this can be fixed with a good immigration bill and a secure border that president George W. Bush tried to implement but it didn’t get back to his desk. For instance his bill included a $2000 fine, payment of past payroll taxes where applicable and a five year waiting period at the end of the line to citizenship and of course secure the border. This could have been resolved at that time but the Democrats didn’t want Bush and the Republicans to get credit for it and the Republicans did not want to take issue with the bill and here we are today where it is still lingering in the wind.

Donald Trump forgets that the Republicans lost the Congress in 2008 because of this issue. I remember there were many in the Republican Congress at the time ringing the bell that they wanted all 12 million to be sent back. I remember saying that these clowns are committing suicide What were they to do, round them up and put them in boxcars like they did in Nazi Germany? I guess the same thing can be asked of Trump.

The following was posted in 2008 by Katerina Valdivieso and Jennifer Ludden , published by NPR: “Jan. 30, 2008 — Congress failed to pass a sweeping immigration overhaul last summer, and so the presidential candidates are grappling with the contentious issue of illegal immigration on the campaign trail.”

“Immigration also provides one of the clearest contrasts between the parties. While both Democrats and Republicans advocate various enforcement measures, most of the Republican contenders reject legalizing an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants now in the U.S.; all the Democratic contenders support it. GOP candidates have highlighted their get-tough approach, while Democrats have generally avoided the topic unless asked. ”

If you notice it states “GOP candidate’s have highlighted their get tough approach.” So here comes Donald Trump and he puts the immigration issue smack to the forefront once again and believe me it’s a losing preposition. Do you think the Democrats considering they have the Latino vote to begin with are going to take this laying down?

“By Election Day 2016 experts estimate there will be 27 million Latino voters, and that number could grow even more.”

“There are five million Hispanic adults who are in the country legally, on the path to citizenship but who have not become naturalized citizens, said Mark Hugo Lopez, director of Hispanic research at Pew Research Center.”

“There’s a lot of efforts to get this particular group to citizenship,” he said.”

I don’t believe you have to guess hard as to which organization is trying to naturalize Latinos to become American citizens all for the purpose of voting in the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic Party. On the other hand instead of Donald Trump talking about a coherent immigration bill, he says he will send all the illegals back. That’s why we as Republicans need someone who will win the election and push to get an immigration bill that will resolve this issue once and for all and show the Latino voters that the Republican Party wants to fix the immigration problem once and for all and do not stand whatsoever for sending 25 million Latinos back which Donald Trump knows darn well it’s never going to happen.

Running For President Has A New Criteria, All Traffic Tickets Must Be Paid: Ask Senator Marco Rubio

With all the major things going on around us, domestic turmoil, almost 100 million people who can’t find jobs, the ISIS who want to kill us Americans, Obama destroying our military, what does the New York Times find as a very compelling news story? Marco Rubio has 4 unpaid traffic tickets over an eighteen year time span. Would you call this overly obvious for the kill or what?

One person posted this on Twitter: “How the hell has @marcorubio managed to get only 4 tickets in 18 yrs. driving in Miami?”

For anyone who might not be aware of the fact, Hillary Clinton who is now trying to inspire the country that she is the one of the future will not get any tickets because she hasn’t driven a car now for 30 years. Here is a person who is now attempting to show concern for the average American yet she is catered too as the elite.

The following is from a post by Gary De Mar, published by Godfather politics: “How many people remember Barack Obama who only paid his long overdue 17 parking tickets when he decided to run for President?”

“Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama got more than an education when he attended Harvard Law School in the late 1980s. He also got a healthy stack of parking tickets, most of which he never paid.”

“The Illinois Senator shelled out $375 in January — two weeks before he officially launched his presidential campaign [in 2007] — to finally pay for 15 outstanding parking tickets and their associated late fees.”

This story turned into immediate mockery against the New York Times in Rubio’s favor. He couldn’t have asked for better publicity as proof as to what lengths a liberal newspaper will go to smear a Republican candidate running for president.