The Suburbs Are Not Safe From The Mob

Don’t think for a moment that the likes of Antifa and the rest of the mob will restrict themselves to the cities, why would they, it would not fit into their agenda to disrupt America, the way they have been allowed to get away with their destructions in the cities they are just getting more bold for their next steps of actions. This has been well planned for years and they have the financing behind them.

The following was posted by Michelle Malkin, published by WND: “The “progressive” Anti-Defamation League – headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, a Clinton/Obama official and former George Soros-funded operative – amplified the fraudulent media campaign. “There has been no evidence of Antifa or Black Lives Matter organizing or carrying out attacks on suburban or white communities,” the ADL declared, and the “large-scale protests following the murder of George Floyd” were “overwhelmingly peaceful.”

“Fact check: ADL = All Damned Lies. AP = Anarchist Propaganda. CNN = Chaos-Nurturing Network.”

“Since this agitprop campaign two months ago, armed extremists allied with Antifa and BLM have indeed staged escalating incursions into the heartland. Yes, the mob is on the move. Yes, the mob is targeting “suburban neighborhoods and white communities.” Yes, the mob could turn up at your home at any time.”

“And no, in the age of American anarchotyranny, you cannot rely on the police, nor elected officials (Democratic or Republican), nor even mainstream Second Amendment organizations in Washington, D.C., like the National Rifle Association to stand with you in your time of need.”

“It’s time to stop living in utopia instead of reality,” Tiegen counsels. Amen. Reject the lies. Ignore the smears. Lock, load and lean on each other. Domestic tranquility, like anarchotyranny, doesn’t just happen on its own.”

We are in dangerous times when you have radical, socialist Democratic, governors, mayors and the mainstream media putting a cover on all of the above. You don’t have anyone in the Democratic Party asserting to the fact that Antifa should be classified a terrorist organization and that tells you a lot, as usual the socialists are all in lock step, no reasonable person can accept this that there is no one in a whole political party that finds what is going on in the United States today by the mob is not dangerous. There will be a time when patriots will say enough is enough, what other choice will there be!