Illegal Muslim Immigrants Are Being Flown Into The United States In Empty Cargo Planes Said A Fired Pilot

A pilot by the name of Dennis Welky was fired from his company by the name of “kalitta’s” because he would not sign a waiver of his constitutional rights. They wanted him to fly in illegal Muslims flown into the United States in airplanes that have been marked “empty.”
According to Kalitta’s own website:

“Kalitta Charters is an approved air carrier for the US Department of Defense, US Department of Justice and US Department of Energy, operating critical missions across the globe”

“When it comes to transporting critical cargo safely, securely and on time around the world, no one does it better than us. After all, the Kalitta family began airfreight operations back in 1967. If it fits inside an airplane, we’ve probably flown it – and if we haven’t, we’ve got the team to make it happen”

The following was posted by Tim Brown, published by “Freedom Outpost.” The former Kalitta Charter pilot recalled Tennessee Rep. Rick Womick (R), a former Air Force pilot and commercial Boeing 777 airline pilot, admitted to flying five flights with Somali immigrants on board from London to New York City. According to Dennis, Womick said that flights would leave the US, land in the UK and be designated as empty for return, but the reality is that every seat would be filled with illegal Muslims. As he landed on the east coast as instructed, he would taxi right past immigrations and customs. The illegals were let off the airplane, given thousands of dollars, along with other benefits.

This is what is going on in our country today. Not only do we have 80,000 children crossing our southern border with a mixture of terrorists disguised as Hispanics we have this scheme to contend with. “Wow,” It’s continuously showing we have a bunch of hoodlums in the White House from Obama on down. Also from the same mentioned post and publisher: “We have also been aware that this lawless administration has paved the way for tens of thousands of Muslims from Syria to receive asylum via New Jersey.”

My friends, this is bad, every time we turn around it’s getting worst. This has to stop. This is what the major news networks should be investigating. Not following instructions from George Soros because he donates them millions of dollars. We are losing our country because of these criminals in the White House because all they are interested in is creating a new voting block who could care less about conservative values. They have no values and they will always want We The People to provide for them because you will have the socialist politicians who will always cater to their vote. We must in a few weeks take our country back and start turning this Obama scheme to socialize America around. On to November.