Senator Harry Reid Disgustingly Called American Patriots Terrorists

One thing that has been very noticeable with President Obama is he doesn’t like to use the word terrorist. There are people out there that want to blow our heads off but Obama thinks he can appease them with nicer words than calling them what they are. But now you have the case of Harry Reid. Good old Harry he shoots straight from the hip even though his shooting is way off the mark.

Lets talk about good old Harry Reid for a moment. He is the majority leader of the Senate. That means he has a big responsibility. Our Forefathers as we all know have set up a system of checks and balances so as not to allow any one of the three branches to get out of control. In other words they wanted input to come from each other to allow for negotiations. Harry Reid is not allowing this to happen. He is not allowing bills that have been passed by the House to go on for discussion and then for a vote. Someone obviously is pulling Reid’s strings for him to act in this nature. This can be a discussion for another day but for the moment I will say that Harry Reid is a terrorist. He has stopped all business of the United States Congress. He is attacking the Constitution of the United States which calls for open debate and he is not allowing it. So all this considering, I am calling Harry Reid a terrorist.

Lets define Political Terrorist: The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate the civilian population. Lets now go to the situation of the Bundy Ranch. I understand that Bundy is wrong for not paying the fines. Keep in mind that throughout all this conflict Reid kept silent. Judge Napolitano suggested that the easiest way to have handled this was to put a lean on the property and when said parties deceased the government would seize the property. Instead Federal Agents from the BLM (Bureau of land Management) sent in 200 armed agents and used helicopters, dump trucks and four wheel drive vehicles to remove cattle from the land. There is about 1000 cattle on the ranch, and the family has worked the ranch since the 1870’s. Are you kidding me! This would be something done in a communist country. So what commenced was militia starting coming in (whom I call patriots as does Senator Dean Heller from Nevada) from different states to put down as I call it this government intrusion to the “we the peoples freedoms.”

In the meantime in the aftermath of all this we found out that the Reid family was negotiating with China to install a solar complex. As you can see now we are getting to a motive to throw these ranchers out. First of all if this is the case why is the Reid family not using American companies and going to China instead. What is the Reid family getting out of this from China? You know as well as I do that the Reid family have accumulated wealth and you don’t do this on politicians salaries.

This has become such a joke. All this because of the turtle “endangered” desert tortoise which as we found out its really about a solar complex. What makes this a joke is the environmental agency is claiming that the solar complex is more dangerous to the turtle than the cows are. So now what do you do Harry. To make it worst for Reid, now the cat is out of the bag and America is finding out how Harry Reid operates.

So as we can see there is now a question as to who the real terrorists are. Is it the American Patriots who rushed to the defense of American citizens, or is it Harry Reid with his constant conniving and scheming to possibly enrich his pockets.