The World Health Organization Is Finally Coming To Reality With Their Latest Instruction: “Stop Using Lockdown As Your Primary Control Method”

I remember back in March when President Trump said “you cant let the cure be worse than the problem itself” it was a big joke. Trump knew that the country could not constantly stay on lockdown because of adverse effects, such as economic turmoil, unemployment reaching sky high proportions, closing down of restaurants, bars, theaters, music clubs and gyms and to this day there are some blue states that are still following this catastrophe which is causing a long term demise. The world Health Organization is finally suggesting to world leaders to start unlocking. 

The following was posted by Jarrett Staff, published by  Gregg Jarrett: ” The World Health Organization has a strong message to the world: stop the shutdowns. When it comes to individuals’ health as COVID-19 sweeps the globe, the WHO warns to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method.” “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” said Dr. David Nabarro.”

“In an interview with The Spectator’s Andrew Neil, Nabarro said, “the only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted…” However, “by and large, we’d rather not do it” explained Nabarro.”

“Dr. Nabarro is the Special Envoy on COVID-19 for the WHO, and says the WHO is speaking to all world leaders: “stop using lockdown as your primary control method.” The time for reorganizing and regrouping has come and gone. Now the entire global economy is suffering, and poverty is on the rise.”

Here in the United States you have those bonehead governors in blue states such as New York, Michigan, California, Nevada who still have strict restrictions on their citizens that there is no need for it considering people know by now what warrants unsafe conditions and actually are putting people against each other just by  the use or no use of the mask. Some blue states have lifted many of their restrictions but not enough to say they are out of their lockdowns. 

I live in Nevada and just today Wynn Encore came out and advised they are cutting days and hours because of business being down and you know darn well the other casinos will follow. It’s true that President Trump left it up to the governors of the states to determine their own responsibilities but not to the extent of becoming dictators with their power plays. This my patriots shows you exactly how socialism runs the affairs of state, the governors with their luxury lives run it with the attitude, do as I say but not as I do!  


It’s Fantastic And Long Overdue That President Trump Suspended Funds To The World Health Organization But What Do We Do About China!

President Trump has rightly suspended funds to the World Health Organization for putting “political correctness over life saving measured”,”noting that the U.S. would undertake a 60-to-90 day investigation into why the “China-centric” WHO had caused “so much death” by “severely mismanaging and covering up” the coronavirus spread.” In other words the WHO knew for whatever reason it happened and the world was not warned in those six critical days that China kept it a secret and my understanding is while the Chinese government took pains to protect the bulk of China from coronavirus they allowed plane loads of people from the diseased area to travel all around the world and we know who the key countries were that these people flew to. ”

The following was posted by Chris Ciaccia, published by Fox News: ” The former head of the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, tweeted Monday that the number of coronavirus cases in China could have been cut by as much as 95 percent if Beijing had acted earlier, citing a study published in March.”

“The research, which was posted on the medrxiv repository and has not yet been peer-reviewed, highlighted the need for fast interventions and quick government response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China

“The outbreak has now become a pandemic, affecting more than 1.9 million around the globe and impacting 185 countries. According to a report published in LiveScience, the first case could be traced back to November 2019.”

“China has come under scrutiny from many U.S. lawmakers, including both Republicans and Democrats, who say that the country has been publishing unreliable data. On Tuesday China reported an additional 143 coronavirus cases, including 54 asymptomatic cases, a figure it started publishing only recently.”

“The research also found that if interventions in the country could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent respectively – significantly limiting the geographical spread of the disease,” researchers from the University of Southampton wrote in the March statement.”

So now what do we do about China that it has been confirmed today that it was produced in a Wuhan laboratory. There are two theories as to the why and the first is that China got embarrassed about the leak of the virus and did not want to expose it to the world as to their mistake but the way I look at it mistake or no mistake the world was to find out about it when the deaths started. This looks very fishy to me, China should not have allowed any international air travel whatsoever considering they knew what would happen especially in the densely populated areas around the world.

This does not make sense whatsoever and China must pay the price. Our powers to be in the United States who have the means to pull the trigger must come up with something and the first thing I can think of is that China is too involved in American economics in one fashion or another and that should be the start. This is not a brain buster!